About AniEd

AniEd (Animal-Education) is an Irish educational company based in Glasnevin, Dublin that develops and delivers bespoke courses in animal care, training & behaviour. 

Tara Choules & Anne Rogers, have built AniEd over many years and finally launched with our first course in 2012.

Both directors of AniEd have extensive experience in animal care, including academic study & qualifications, industry experience amounting to decades of work, experience working with animals and in education with humans. 

This unique combination of skill and knowledge has allowed AniEd to develop courses and educational events using the most up-to-date resources, network with leaders in the field and provide an education that facilitates critical evaluation, rather than blind-following. 

After offering more traditionally structured courses for years we have been working to re-design our approach to providing courses to best suit our learners’ busy lives and study-goals. 

Our new courses ensure maximum flexibility and convenience for learners. This allows you to build your knowledge and skill at your own pace, design your own Specialisations, spread the cost of studying and tailor your developing skill and knowledge for you.

To facilitate accessibility, all course materials are available any time, from anywhere (with an internet connection) with full remote support from tutors and other learners. 

Our Training & Education Centre, in Glasnevin, not only provides courses for human-learners but also many dog services too, including training classes & consults. AniEd directors are practitioners too, providing you with vital insight and mentorship. 

Choosing to study with us will help you in developing in-depth knowledge & skill, participate in a supportive network and to build a successful career in animal care. 

AniEd is Ireland’s only independent course developer in this professional area and only one of a few around the world. We offer bespoke courses written and delivered to a high standard by qualified and experienced professionals.

AniEd Ireland is a limited company registered in Ireland 518054.


Company Directors & Tutors

Anne Rogers

Anne is a director of AniEd and her particular interests lie in the application of science to animal care and training, biology and animal health and behaviour and bull-breed dogs.

Anne has academic and experiential qualifications in life sciences, teaching and behaviour modification.

Tara Choules   

Tara is a director of AniEd and her particular interests lie in the promotion of scientifically derived welfare based training and behaviour protocols for companion animals.

Tara has academic and experiential qualifications in applied sciences, information technology and animal behaviour modification.