Playdates are our play & training groups and are available on Mondays and Fridays. Each session is approx. 3-4 hours, helping your puppy and young dog to develop appropriate social skills and have a suitable outlet for mental and physical energy.

How does it work?

This is perfect for pet owners who work part-time or from home. Book a Playdate by contacting us.

Sessions can be booked for drop-off any time after 9am; all dogs must be picked up before 4.30pm.

€20.00 per session.

There are maximum ten spaces for playdates each day. 

What happens during a Playdate?

Playdates of about 3-4 hours are most beneficial for your dog so that your dog gets the opportunity to play, learn and rest; this allows him or her to go home enriched and entertained, both mentally and physically.  

Our Playdates play group service is perfect for puppies and young dogs to help them develop important social skills and provide them with outlets for mental and physical exercise and entertainment. 

Puppies and young dogs will learn how to interact appropriately with other dogs and people (staff) and will learn how to settle and calm themselves after excitement. We teach these vital skills through supervised play with other dogs, passive training with humans, fun & brain games, and settle-training throughout their session.

Dogs will be matched according to size, age, and behaviour in groups of no more than five dogs per each supervising person. Playdates are designed to help improve your dog’s social skills and most importantly their ability to calm themselves, even when excited. We have developed the environment and program to minimise over-excited behaviour, barking & other stress related behaviour, over-arousal & inappropriate social behaviour and most of all, to maintain your dog’s behavioural health & welfare  at all times. 

Bringing your dog will not only free up a few hours of your time and allow you to avoid exercising on dark, wintery evenings, but will help your dog improve his training & behaviour, which, with our support, you can continue to maintain at home.