One to One Training

Private sessions are tailored to you and your dogs individual needs. You might prefer a private session for a puppy that is not yet fully vaccinated or for your dog who may be overwhelmed in a training class or where you would prefer individual instruction and a personalised training plan.

Appointments can be made to suit your schedule. Scroll down to see more options and costs.

Puppy Sessions - 90 minutes €60

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Puppy sessions are ideal for puppies who have not completed their initial vaccination series or for puppies who are otherwise not quite ready for puppy class. 

We talk about all the things that you can start to put in place so that puppy raising is easier and your puppy becomes a great, easy to live with, companion dog.

Private One to One Sessions - 60 minutes €50

Private training allows you and your trainer to customise an individual training plan that works best for you and your dog.

Topics that might be covered in private training may include:

  • Helping you and your dog prepare for a new baby
  • General manners such as recall and loose lead walking
  • Getting to know your new dog
  • Choosing and preparing for a new dog
  • Toilet training
  • Adolescent mouthing and chewing
  • Or training that is tailored to you and your dogs needs