Behaviour consultation allows us to spend time developing in-depth programs to help you and your dog with more than just training issues. 

Where we must spend time modifying your dog's underlying emotional responses, behaviour work will be necessary. 

This process involves history taking, owner education and development of a management plan, initially. With that in place and forming our foundation, then we can begin to build a program to help you and your dog build the skills and knowledge required to navigate a challenging world. 

Initial Consultation

After contact, via email for example, we will discuss your dog's behaviour. Before our session, I will recommend that you discuss your dog's behaviour with your vet, if you have not already done so. Many times, these sessions will be booked via veterinary referral.

We begin with an initial consultation, in your home, during which we discuss your dog's behaviour. 

I will have lots of questions for you and we will work through your dog's history and lifestyle so that I have a good picture of your dog's behaviour. 
We will help you understand your dog's behaviour so that you will be able to better manage his exposure to triggering situations. 

With all that in place, we will work together to implement a management program which prevents your dog's behaviour deteriorating any further. .

This first session is really about information gathering, rather than lots of training work. Once we have this foundation in place, generally for 3-6 weeks, we can build on that, working directly on triggers and other skills to support you and your dog. 

  • 90 minute session
  • in your home
  • €100

During this session, I will take notes and you will get a comprehensive report including resources and planning.

Follow Up Sessions

After your initial consultation, follow-up sessions will generally be recommended. This allows us to help adjust our program according to your and your dog's progress, while keeping up motivation and making sure you have lots of support. 

Follow-up sessions will take place in your home or in areas allowing us to practice safely, such as appropriate parkland. 

  • 90 minute session
  • in your home or in an appropriate location
  • €100

Follow-Up Package

Follow-ups are the key to progress. We offer discounted rates when follow-ups are purchased as a package with the first session booked within 4 weeks of the initial consultation and all sessions completed within the agreed timeframe.

Four session package:

  • 4 x 90 minute sessions
  • in your home or an appropriate location
  • €300

Two session package:

  • 2 x 90 minute sessions
  • in your home or an appropriate location
  • €160

All packages must be booked and paid for before the first session or according to the pre-agreed payment plan. Sessions must be booked and completed within a specified timeframe. 

Examples of issues addressed through behaviour work:

  • biting, threat & warning behaviour, such as growling or snapping
  • aggressive responding
  • "reactive" behaviour such as pulling, lunging, vocalising, usually while on lead directed toward triggers like other dogs, people, traffic and so on
  • over-arousal related behaviour such as over excitability, difficulty settling, hyper-vigilance 
  • inappropriate chasing such as cars, livestock, cyclists and so on
  • excessive behaviour such as barking, destructive behaviour
  • fearful behaviour
  • phobias and sensitivities, such as sound sensitivities to, for example, fireworks, storms & thunder
  • separation related behaviour
  • suspected compulsive behaviours such as reflection/shadow chasing, tail chasing and spinning, excessive self-grooming, flank sucking
  • countersurfing
  • territoriality and resource related behaviour such as growling, snapping or biting when items are removed from the dog, or when the dog is approached on a bed or sofa
  • sensitivity and discomfort with handling, grooming, veterinary and husbandry procedures
  • toileting behaviour
  • dog-dog relations, dogs in the same home
  • relationships with other pets in the home

If you are not sure if this applies to your dog and would like some help finding the best help, please get in touch and we will discuss your dog's behaviour with you.