We offer a range of classes to help you and your dog develop your relationship, provide your dog with vital enrichment and help the human end of the leash build skills to teach your dog...it's human training really..!

If you're not sure which class or training service is for you and your dog, contact us and we will help you find the best way to help you. 

Teenager's Manners Course:

Adolescent dogs have a hard time and can find the world a challenging place…that means that their owners might find their teenage dogs’ behaviour challenging too. This course helps you and your dog develop skills to mitigate the challenges presented during canine adolescence.
We emphasise the development of self-control and owner focus, by teaching lots of exercises that you can apply to everyday living with your dog.

For dogs about 8 months to about 18 months of age – six class course at our facility – Thursday evenings 7-8pm - €150 – max.6 dogs. 


This intensive ten class course is for dogs who get easily excited, and find it difficult to calm again. This course is ideal for dogs and handlers who participate in sports or activities that involve bringing the dog to interestig, exciting places. It’s also a great course for those working on specific behaviour and training issues with their dogs, as this course builds the foundations for all dogs and all activities.
We work on skills designed to help your dog learn to self-calm, that enhance owner focus and engagement, and build self-control.

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For dogs over 6 months of age – ten class course at our facility – Thursday evenings 7-8.30pm - €250 – max.4 dogs

Monday Manners (Refresher):

This short, intense course is a refresher for you and your dog, helping to get you both back into good training habits, and fill in any gaps and skill and knowledge.

For dogs over 18 months of age, who have done some training before – four class course at our facility – Monday evenings 7-8pm - €150 – max.6 dogs

Rock Solid Reliable Recall: 

This intensive course takes advantage of training work at our facility and online learning. The first part of the course comprises eight classes to establish the foundations for great recall and responsiveness, such as focus, self-control, dealing with excitement, and teaching the building blocks to rock solid reliable recall behaviour.

The second part of the course involves you and your dog working at home in all the places you will need to work on recall and responsiveness. This includes four weekly online exercises for you to practice.

For the third part of the course you return to the classroom at our facility, and we put that homestudy to the test, taking it on the road, and building reliability around distractions.

For dogs over 6 months of age – Part 1: 8 classes at our facility, Part 2: 4 online lessons, Part 3: 4 classes at our facility – this is a Spring/Summer course running on Monday evenings 7-8.30pm - €300 – max.4 dogs


This scent games course will harness your dog’s natural talents, giving them a wonderful outlet for their doggieness, while building confidence and resilience.

This course is available in two levels; the first one concentrating on teaching your dog to search methodically and learn how to locate even tricky hides (usually food or favourite toys).
The second level works on teaching your dog how to indicate to the presence of specific scents, and to carry out methodical searches, while you learn to read your dog’s indication signals.

For dogs over six months of age – Level 1 six classes at our facility, Level 2 three online lessons & three classes at our facility – this is an Autumn/Winter course running on Monday evenings 7-8.30pm – each level course €200 – max. 5 dogs