Just like children, dogs need ongoing education so that they can live as part of the human-world. Puppy education is similar to early primary school for kids, and as with children, dogs will need further education so that they develop appropriate behaviour to become a great canine companion.   

Dogs enter adolescence at about 5 months of age and they, and their humans, need lots of support throughout the canine teenage months and years. 

Training sessions help you teach your dog basic manners behaviours, rather than working on behaviour issues.
And because our in-home sessions come to you, we will be teaching those behaviours that you need in your home and out & about with your dog, where you really need this training. 

If your dog is under 5 months of age, it's better to engage in some Puppy Education first. 

Bespoke training sessions:

Have some training that you would like to work on with your dog? We'll work with you to design a training program to cover training exercises that help you and your dog live in harmony. 

Each session will provide you with 2-4 weeks work, and if you keep up your practice you may only need one or two sessions; one to establish behaviour and the foundations, and a second to take your training on the road to the places you really need it. 

A 90 minute in-home session costs €100.


Pet Dog Foundations:

This course of three in-home training sessions is a curriculum based package, covering the basics that all pet dogs need to know. 

Both you and your pet will gain knowledge and skills so that you can continue to work on training throughout your lives together, living happily ever after!

The Pet Dog Foundations course covers:

  • settling and house manners
  • loose leash walking foundations
  • recall foundations
  • play
  • comfort with handling
  • focus & responsiveness

This session comprises three 90 minute in-home sessions costing €270 (that's a 10% discount).

All packages must be booked and paid for before the first session or according to the pre-agreed payment plan. Sessions must be booked and completed within a specified timeframe. 

Rescue Settling In Session:

If you’re planning on adding a new dog, or have just welcomed a new dog into your family, this session will help you choose the best dog for you, from the most appropriate source, and make sure that they settle in as smoothly as possible.

Dogs adopted into a new home, a little later in life, require different care but just as much support as puppies. This session will provide you with the advice and resources to get your relationship with your new family member off to the best start, forming the foundations for many, many years of companionship. 

  • for those planning to add a rescue dog to their family or for those who have just adopted a rescue dog within one month (4 weeks) of the session
  • 90 minute in-home session

Recall Package:

Recall training requires lots of fun, energy and practice...and that's just the human! Our Recall Package comprises a course of two in-home sessions, generally scheduled two weeks apart. 

The first session establishes the foundations in and around the house and sets you doable homework. The second sessions takes our training on the road, practicing in more distracting locations, out & about. 

This course is just the beginning and will require that you put lots of practice in place, having fun with your dog rather than frustration, encouraging engagement rather than nagging. These sessions will give you all the tools to get working on a rock solid reliable recall. 

  • two 90 minute in-home sessions
  • €190 (that's a 5% discount)

All packages must be booked and paid for before the first session or according to the pre-agreed payment plan. Sessions must be booked and completed within a specified timeframe.