Dogs and children can develop wonderful relationships that benefit both dog and child, but children are most at risk of dog bites from a familiar dog.

If you have dogs and children together, or are about to, preparation and education are key so that you can actively supervise ALL dog-child interactions with knowledge, to keep everyone safe and happy. By better understanding dog behaviour, you can support and guide your children so that both dog and child develop appropriate behaviour toward one another.

This support and guidance are essential to ensure safe interactions.

Baby Prep Session

If you have a new arrival on the way, or are likely to soon, this session is vital so that you develop the knowledge and skills to help your dog transition to these new arrangements and to ensure that your new bundle of joy is safe sharing their home with the family dog.

Baby Prep may take many months for a dog, so starting as early as possible is important for your dog to become comfortable with the changes on the way, and so that we can flag any behaviour relevant to the safety of the new arrival.

You will be provided with a plan and in-depth resources so that preparing your dog for the arrival of your baby will be as straight-forward, safe and celebrated as possible. 

90 minute session in your home or via Skype - €100

Kids & Dogs - keeping the peace 

If you already have children and dogs together, or are planning on adding a dog to the family, this session will help you prepare, prevent and maintain safety so that dogs and children can learn to interact appropriately and safely.

Different preparation and interventions will be needed depending on the age of the children, and the dog’s behaviour toward them so an individualised approach is best.

You will be provided with a plan and in-depth resources so that you can safely implement careful management and support your dog and children in appropriate interactions. 

90 minute session in your home or via Skype - €100