For young dogs, dog-dog play, in an appropriate setting and with the right supervision, can be one of the best ways for them to develop good dog communication skills.

We do not offer daycare or ‘social’ services; during our sessions there are a limited number of dogs and very small groups of no more than five dogs per supervisor at a time. The dogs are grouped according to size and play style, and taught, through active supervision, appropriate play, while emphasising teaching the dogs human focus, even when their buddies are there.

We will never allow it to be a free for all! Your dog will not experience highs in arousal that cause the development and rehearsal of inappropriate behaviour and are so commonly associated with lots of large group approaches to dog-dog play. Although this may result in an exhausted dog, it does nothing to improve behavioural health; all our Play and Learns services aim to maximise appropriate behavioural development.


PlayDates is a small play group service for young dogs.
Short stints of appropriate play, interaction, enrichment and relaxation helps young dogs develop more appropriate behaviour around other dogs.

Dogs must be under one year of age to start. All dogs participating must have completed training with AniEd or an AniEd trainer.

PlayDates are generally 2-4 hour sessions at our facility available on Monday and Friday mornings. Dogs can be dropped off after 9am and picked up before 2pm; suitable time slots will be provided for each individual dog.

Each session costs €20. 


We can help dogs, who may have developed poor social behaviour, or who have had a poor socialisation history, through selected PlayDates, to develop more appropriate social skills, building their comfort and confidence in social situations. 

Dogs who attend for this will be carefully placed in a suitable group and we will discuss your dog's behaviour and progress with you, including the next steps to take to continue to help your dog. 

Supervised Play Sessions  

Would you like your dog and his or her buddy have some play time in a safe and secure environment, with our seasoned behaviour experts teaching you how to supervise their play, and train through fun?

Supervised Play Sessions are one-hour sessions at our facility for two-five dogs, and at least one handler/pet owner with our trainer, providing instruction on active play supervision, and recognising appropriate and inappropriate play behaviour.

Not only fun, but super-educational for both ends of the leash!

Each one hour session at our facility costs €70 per handler. 

Puppy Play n Learn Sessions

Occasionally, we hold short fun sessions for puppies, under 5 months of age in the evenings or on weekends. 

These short sessions are a great way to increase your puppy's social experience, in a safe and constructive environment, with other puppies of similar developmental stages. 

Each 90 minute Play n Learn session costs €10 per puppy. 

If you have a puppy, ask to be added to the email list so that you are notified of the next Play n Learn Sessions.