Private training allows us to individualise training to you and your dog’s specific needs and goals. For some dogs it suits better as they may not be ready for a busy class environment, and for others this works, as it gives us time to discuss individual requirements, history, and program development.

Rescue Settling-In Session:

If you’re planning on adding a new dog, or have just welcomed a new dog into your family, this session will help you choose the best dog for you, from the most appropriate source, and make sure that they settle in as smoothly as possible.

Dogs adopted into a new home, a little later in life, require different care but just as much support as puppies. This session will provide you with the advice and resources to get your relationship with your new family member off to the best start, forming the foundations for many, many years of companionship. 

90 minutes session at our facility or via Skype - €80
For dogs adopted within four weeks before session or prior to adoption. 

One2One Private Training Session:

Perhaps a training class environment will be too much for your dog, or maybe you wish to work on more individualised training requirements and goals.
You can do just one session or purchase a package to receive discounted rates on the last session. Training session will work on general obedience and related exercises, rather than behaviour work. 

One-to-One session – one hour at our facility - €70

One-to-One package – four session package, each session one hour, at our facility - €250 – must be paid at first session with booking schedule for the following three sessions

Check out these clips from two One2One sessions, a couple of weeks apart, on improving responsiveness and recall. 

Behaviour Work 

Where your dog is exhibiting more specific behaviour, a consultation session will be recommended. This two-hour session allows us to discuss the dog’s history, make sure that you have a good understanding of the dog’s motivation for behaviour, and look at developing an in-depth program of management and modification.

Follow-up sessions are recommended to help you iron out any snags you might hit, to keep you and your dog motivated and help you truly advance your and your dog’s training. 

  • The initial approx. two-hour consultation, followed up with a comprehensive report of our discussions and program, costs €150. 
    This may be held at our facility or via Skype.

  • Package of four follow-up sessions (generally at AniEd) - €250

We have found our program of initial consultation and program of follow-ups has worked particularly well when working with "reactive" behaviour.
Examples of some of the work done on this program here

Follow-up sessions may also take place at your house with a specific AniEd educated trainer. 
They will attend your session to meet you and your dog, and so that they are familiar with your dog’s behaviour. They will review the dog’s report with your permission, and then help you implement the training and behaviour work at your house and surrounding areas. 
They will report back and discuss the case with us on a regular basis so that we can make sure the program is implemented to maximise improvement. You will work with your own AniEd trainer, getting the support both you and your dog need.

The AniEd trained CBTT trainer will help you implement the program we have designed together, on a follow-up basis, at your house. 
These sessions will be priced at the discretion of that trainer (all costs will be presented up front, before booking). 

The number of follow-up sessions required will depend on many factors and we will discuss this with you relevant to the particulars of your case.


Why not let us put training exercises in place so that you can enjoy your dog’s behaviour?!
Your dog comes to the centre for approx. two-hour session with our trainers and we will establish the relevant training exercises. We will record our sessions and send you instructional video so that you can practice at home.

At the end of the course, we will have one private session with you to help you implement this work at home. 

We will gather information about your and your dog’s training requirements and build a program based on that. We will implement it, starting with the foundations, and build to bringing our training on the road. Then we will have a private Handover session with you, so that you and your dog are on the same page.

  • Daytraining session – dog is dropped to our facility and picked up at appointed times (two hour session) - €80
  • Private handover session – one hour session at our facility - €70

This works best for loose leash walking and we have had great success with a range of dogs with this service. Loose leash walking daytaining package:

  • Session 1, Session 2, Session 3 & Session 4 plus private handover session - €350
  • Examples of some of the work from a program of daytraining, working on loose leash walking and mild traffic reactivity here

Where required further daytraining sessions may be required to achieve the desired results. We will discuss this with you as we progress through the program.