Puppies are the most receptive to training, and the earlier we start, the better. Puppies are learning about the world even before they are born, and during the first six weeks of their life they go through enormous brain growth. By the time you get your puppy at about eight weeks of age, his most flexible learning period is almost over. That means we are battling against the clock to take advantage of puppy’s most important behavioural developmental period.

Getting started, even before you get puppy, and continuing puppy’s education, especially through his first year, will help your puppy grow and develop into a treasured family member and companion. 

Puppy Training Services:

Pre-Puppy Session:

Being a prepared pet owner is half the battle, so this session will advise you on puppy choice, puppy source, how to set-up so you are ready for puppy, and managing the first few days in their new home. Putting thought and preparation into welcoming a puppy into your home will get you both off to the best start.

One hour session – at our facility or via Skype - €70 – private session

Private Puppy Session:

Most puppy owners are instructed to essentially isolate their puppies when they first come home, to ensure their vaccination protection is established. But, this is the most important learning period of your puppy’s life, and there can be serious implications to your dog’s behaviour, should we not take advantage of puppy’s growing brain.
This session is for puppies who are not yet fully vaccinated, before they start class. It’s best to book this session as soon after puppy comes home as possible.

Click here for more on the Private Puppy Session.

For puppies not yet fully vaccinated, before they start class - 90 minute session – at our facility - €80 – private session

Puppy1 - six class puppy training course:

Puppy1 is about maximising puppy’s exposure to an active class environment, helping them to develop resilience, self-control and comfort so that we can prevent the development of more serious behaviour issues later on.
Puppy1 emphasises social exposure to different dogs and people, experience and exposure to environmental challenges, owner engagement & focus, and simple exercises to help puppy become the perfect companion.

For puppies fully vaccinated up to about about 5 months of age – six class course at our facility – Tuesday evenings 7-8pm - €150 – max.6 puppies

Puppy2 - six class puppy training course:

Puppies over five months of age are entering adolescence, and if you thought young puppies were hard work…you ain’t seen nothing yet…!
This class continues to work on building puppy’s confidence with gentle social and environmental challenges, while adding in more manners exercises so that puppy learns to choose his owner, over all the activity and distractions. 

For puppies/pre-teens from about five months of age – about 8 months of age – six class course at our facility – Wednesday evenings 7-8pm - €150 – max.6 puppies.