Rapid & Reliable Recalls Master Course

Apply here to register for the self-paced online training master course Rapid & Reliable Recalls!

Before you sign up, consider carefully embarking on an online training course. Teaching your dog requires plenty of time, patience, skill building and knowledge development. When working remotely in a group, this is largely on you.

A course like this is best for those pet owners who are really interested in committing to working with their dog daily, learning lots of new information about dog behaviour and teaching dogs, and in developing great mechanical skill in teaching.

Check out all the information about the course, including what you will need here

If you're ready to go, we would love to have you. Submit your details in this form and you will be taken to a page with further information and terms. You are under no obligation but if you would like to proceed, payment details follow too.

Best of luck and we hope you enjoy this course with AniEd!