Canine Behaviour and Training Technician (CBTT)

The CBTT course is our most in-depth and challenging course designed for those wishing to work in canine training & behaviour, designing training plans and curricula, and developing a dog care business such as dog training, dog walking and/or daycare businesses.

This course emphasises your development of critical thinking skills, mechanical training skills, human counselling & caching skills and providing you with an in depth understanding of canine behaviour, allowing you to develop successful, effective and welfare-friendly training programs. 

The canine training & behaviour industry is growing in Ireland and around the world. However, there is no regulation in the industry meaning that there are no minimum standards in education or experience for professionals, or even most course providers. This makes it very difficult for those wishing to enter or progress in the industry to know where to start. 

The Canine Behaviour and Training Technician (CBTT) course aims to provide you with the skills, understanding and knowledge to help you become an excellent professional dog trainer, setting you up with a foundation upon which to continue to build your skill and education. 

The CBTT Specialisation is delivered on a modular basis. You must accumulate the required number of points by completing the appropriate Courses to successfully achieve 150 points.

You must collect 120 points via mandatory Courses and a further 30 points from electives in no more than 18 months.


  • Mechanical Skill Foundations (10 points)
  • Mechanical Skill Progression (10 points)
  • Learning Theory Foundations (5 points)
  • Canine Behaviour Foundations (5 points)
  • Canine Behaviour Progression (10 points)
  • Canine Ethology & Cognition (10 points)
  • Biology of Behaviour (10 points)
  • Organising Classes & Training Sessions (5 points)
  • Instruction Skills (5 points)
  • Client Relations & Counselling Skills (5 points)
  • Business Management (10 points)
  • Animal Welfare (with critical evaluation) (10 points)
  • Domestication & Selective Breeding (5 points)
  • Dog Safe Handling (5 points)
  • Canine Health & Disease (5 points)
  • Canine Nutrition (5 points)
  • Canine First Aid (5 points)
  • Electives:

  • Supervising Dog Groups & Play (10 points)
  • Teaching Puppies (10 points)
  • Aggression & Reactivity (10 points)
  • Helping Rescue Dogs (10 points)
  • Each Course will be run at least once across that time frame allowing you to schedule your studies to best suit you and your busy life.
    There are some limitations in terms of the order in which you complete Courses but ultimately it is a very flexible system, allowing you to carefully plan your studies. 

    Each Course is delivered via a number of different media including course manuals & resources, video clips, practical demonstration and practice, classroom discussion and instruction.

    You will complete a number of assessments per course, including practical work, but don’t worry there are no written exams or tests!

    You are expected to complete the reading, studying and assessment work on a home study basis. All course materials are provided and continued guidance is available from tutors and classmates via our online classroom.

    Tuition €2630 
    Assessment €350

    Progression & Career Prospects 

    This course will give you the skills and knowledge to work as a professional dog trainer and to build your business. Upon successful completion you will join the CBTT group  who are located around the county. 

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