AniEd courses are delivered on a modular basis meaning that the same component courses are delivered a couple of times a year for anyone enrolled. This allows for flexibility in scheduling and makes sure that the classroom is lively, filled with discussion & interest, and made up of a mix of people. 

You may choose from stand-alone Courses, using each as a building block toward the knowledge and skill you wish to develop.

Or you may choose a Specialisation, collecting the required number of points to build a specified qualification. (Each Specialisation is made up of Mandatory Courses and Elective Options.)

Once you have decided on a Course or Specialisation, you will attend the required educational event, which may be workshops, seminars or webinars. These are scheduled at least once, but generally twice, per calendar year. (See the current Schedule & Calendar here.) 

Then you can decide if you wish to complete the Assessment associated with that Course, which must be submitted within a specified timeline.
You may also choose to work on course material over time and not submit assessment work or over a longer period (specified), when you can submit assessment work at a discounted rate, without having to take the course again.

Each course is delivered via a number of different media including course manuals & resources, video clips, practical demonstration and practice, classroom discussion and instruction.

You are expected to complete the reading, studying and assessment work on a homestudy basis. All course materials are provided and continued guidance is available from tutors and classmates via our online classroom. 

AniEd is an adult education institution. All applicants must be over 18 years of age to participate. 

The following courses are pitched at equivalent to Level 7 on the National Framework of Qualifications and as such applicants must have a good literacy and comprehension level, be able to communicate and complete assessment work in English and have basic proficiency with computer use.

To complete assessment work you will need access to the following:

  • a computer (Windows OS or Mac equivalent) with Microsoft Office or equivalent, broadband internet connection and email account
  • basic computer skills in using MS Word or similar word processing programs, spreadsheets, email, internet browsing and so on
  • at least one dog with which to work
  • means to record assessment work, edit the recorded footage and upload assessment work according to assessment guidelines to a video sharing site e.g. YouTube
  • there may be more specific requirements for some courses

We developed AniEd with the primary goal of increasing the general level of knowledge and skill among professionals, volunteers and pet owners. Our courses reflect this goal, tailoring this knowledge and skill for Ireland and the specific needs required to improve animal welfare here. 

Doing this requires input from many and varied stakeholders and we design and develop curricula with this in mind; as such our courses are transferable across a range of areas. For help choosing a course, click here


School of Animal Teaching & Training

Learning Theory Foundations
Mechanical Skills: Foundations
Mechanical Skills: Progression
Organising Classes & Training Sessions
Teaching Puppies

School of Behaviour

Aggression & Reactivity
Biology of Behaviour
Canine Behaviour: Foundations
Canine Behaviour: Progression
Canine Ethology & Cognition
Helping Rescue Dogs
Supervising Dog Groups & Play

School of Animal Healthcare

Animal Welfare (with critical evaluation)
Canine First Aid
Canine Health & Disease
Canine Nutrition
Domestication & Selective Breeding

School of Petcare Business

Business Managment
Client Relations & Counselling Skills
Instruction Skills
Safe Dog Handling