AniEd Educational Events


We hold educational events on a monthly basis to provide continuing education for both our graduates and current students. 

Lots of these events are available to all dog lovers, even if you have never studied with us. 

AniEd Continuing Education Events (CEEs) are a great way to supplement your skill and knowledge level, a lovely opportunity to network, and a fun & fascinating experience in a safe and welcoming learning environment. 


Fancy learning from the comfort of your own home? Learning on the go, listening as you move? 

AniEd webinars provide the most up to date, in-depth and detailed information allowing you to develop skill and knowledge without leaving your home and cost effectively. 

All our webinars come fully referenced with access to an online area brimming with supplementary resources so that the learning can continue. 

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Puppy Behavioural Development

This FOUR-PART webinar will help you to better understand how to support puppy behavioural development, recognise behaviour markers indicating puppies' changing requirements, develop awareness for contributors to behaviour development and present and apply reliable research relating to puppy behavioural development.

Length: 135 minutes
Format: Slideshow for download & interaction, YouTube for listening
Price:  €70 for one year access

Kids & K9s - the dog trainer's role

We have awareness and knowledge not possessed by most pet owners and parents, we understand the risks that dogs may pose to children, so we can put suitable programs in place to support all stakeholders…pet owners, parents, children and dogs.

This webinar will provide you with an understanding of the risk posed by dogs to children, highlighting the relevant of normal canine behaviour to child-dog interactions. It promotes the importance of education, helping you to understand appropriate and inappropriate interactions and to design training & education programs for parents, pet owners, kids and dogs. This webinar emphasises skills and knowledge to best communicate child-dog safety information.

Length: 130 minutes
Format: Slideshows for download & interaction; YouTube for listening
Price: €70 for one year access

A-B-Cs of Behaviour

The A-B-Cs of behaviour are the building blocks of behaviour, quite literally.

They help us to determine the function of behaviour, allowing us to better provide behavioural outlets for our dogs to maintain their welfare and providing us with straight-forward tools to develop effective behaviour-change training plans.

Having an awareness of these simple applications and learning to collect relevant information will allow you to approach most training issues with confidence and the right tools, so that you can effect behaviour change humanely and efficiently.

Length: 90 minutes
Format: Slideshows for download & interaction; YouTube for listening
Price: €50 for one year access

Enrichment & Entertainment for Dogs (& People!)

"Enrichment" has become a bit of a trendy topic in dog training recently, and while this is a good thing, there may be some confusion and inaccuracy surrounding its application. Not to worry, we have you covered! This FOUR PART webinar will take you through everything from understanding what enrichment for dogs really is (and it's more than just food puzzles!) to designing enrichment programs, always drawing on research and evidence based works from across species, to bring you as much reliable information on this growing field.

Length: 197 minutes
Format: Slideshows for download & interaction
Price: €80 for one year access

Living with Cats & Dogs

Despite telling us that cats and dogs living together is a bit of a disaster, with the right integration plan, skills and knowledge many multi-species homes can live in relative peace. 

Although this webinar largely discusses cats, the programs developed and discussed can be easily applied to other species living with dogs too. 

With good planning, lots of patience and plenty of sensible guidance, most dogs can be taught to at least tolerate and be more easily managed around other species.

Length: 85 minutes
Format: Slideshows for download & interaction; YouTube for listening
Price: €50 for one year access

Behaviour First-Aid

Pet owners will often need help with training/behaviour issues RIGHT NOW and the best thing we can do is provide the best advice with limited information or knowledge of the case.

This starts the process for pet owners, setting them and their pet up for success. This is where behaviour-first-aid comes in!

Length: 80 minutes
Format: Slideshows for download & interaction; YouTube for listening 
Price: €50 for one year access

Seminars & Workshops

All seminars and workshops for 2018 are now fully booked. We will have a new schedule for 2019 soon!

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