Each Specialisation is comprised of component Courses, grouped together in a meaningful way, relevant to particular career areas. Specialisations provide you with the right skills and knowledge in a wide range of subjects. 

A Specialisation will have mandatory and elective component courses. Each component course has a points value and you must acquire a specific number of points to successfully complete the Specialisation. 

You can complete a Specialisation on its own or use that to build toward further Specialisations, equipping you with more skills and knowledge and allowing you to develop a meaningful career. (See here for more on choosing which is right for you.) We have a top-up facility that allows you build and build in a cost effective manner. 

Specialisations are a more cost effective way to study. And with our flexible scheduling and top-notch delivery and course materials, you are onto a winner!

Build your own Specialisation!

You can pick ā€˜nā€™ mix from our courses to design your own Specialisation. This means that you can study at your own pace and build knowledge in areas of particular interest to you.

Check out our component courses, have a look at the schedule and register for the ones that work best for you. 

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If you have any questions about the best order to complete courses or where to start just get in touch and we will help build a plan just for you. 

AniEd Specialisations: 

Canine Behaviour & Training Technician (CBTT)

This is the ultimate Specialisation in this area - there really is nothing like it any where! It's ideal for those wishing to become a professional pet dog trainer, develop a dog-care business, and develop an advanced knowledge of dog care, training & behaviour. 

Dog Training Assistant (TA)

This Specialisation suits those wishing to work or volunteer in dog dog training and implementing training plans, or for those who would like to work toward topping-up to CBTT. 

Dog Walkers/Pet Sitters (DW)

If you want to develop stellar dog walking business, or perhaps you would like to add pet sitting to your skills, this is the Specialisation for you. 

You may also like to top-up to CBTT, as your skills and knowledge grow. 

Daycare Supervisor (DC)

This will help you develop skills and knowledge in your work supervising groups of dogs, in a daycare environment. 

You also wish to top-up to CBTT as your skills and knowledge develop.