Pet Store Workshops & Seminars

AniEd Q&As and staff seminars are offered by our qualified training & behaviour practitioners in your store, arranged to best suit your schedule. Each event has been developed to link in with the products and services you provide, ensuring your staff can advise responsibly and safely.

We can also tailor seminars to the needs of your staff & clientele – just ask!

Staff Seminars

Providing your staff with the most up to date information and resources on training & behaviour will allow them to offer the best advice and most importantly, have your store become a source of reliable, effective and responsible guidance.

We can develop seminar topics specific to your needs or provide our general training & behaviour seminars.

Two hour seminar - €120 per group (plus mileage outside Dublin)

Pet Owner Q&As and Demonstrations

Let our expert training & behaviour practitioners offer advice to your customers, helping their pets, and boosting sales and your stores’ credibility as the first port of call for reliable, effective and responsible advice.

Two hour seminar - FREE (plus mileage outside Dublin)

Wide range of courses

We offer a wide range of courses in animal care, training & behaviour that will provide in-depth education and practice on a wide range of topics relevant to your staffs’ dealings with pet owners and pets.