Veterinary Practice Workshops & Seminars

AniEd workshops and seminars are offered by our qualified training & behaviour practitioners in your practice or at our tailored centre, arranged to best suit your schedule.

Each event has been developed to support skill and knowledge required to promote safety and improved well-being for your clientele. 

We can also tailor workshops and seminars to the needs of your staff and clients. Scroll down to see available options for your Veterinary Practice.

Lunch n Learn Sessions

€60 Per Session
1 Hour at your practice
Available in Dublin and surrounds

A great way to offer your staff quick, easy, interactive and fun educational sessions covering a range of topics relevant to maintaining the safety and comfort of all.

Participants will be provided with remote-access resources, so you can study them anywhere, that are packed with up-to-date information and can be shared with clients and staff. 

Choose from the following or let us know what you would like to cover:

Stress-reduction for dogs
Quick, easy tips and techniques to help recognise, reduce and minimise the effects of stress on canine patients keeping your practice safer and happier.

What trainers & behaviourists do
Better understand what qualified and experienced dog trainers and certified behaviourists do and how we work with vets to find solutions and help clients together. 

Preparing dogs for crate-rest
Dogs that are more comfortable with confinement and settling will recover more efficiently; we can give pet owners strategies for keeping their pet entertained while on crate rest promoting healing and behavioural health.

Behaviour First Aid
Management advice involves implementing protocols that will prevent dogs practicing unwanted behaviour, avoiding contributing to a worsening of behaviour and building a foundation upon which modification will be most effective.


€40 Per Person
We offer a range of seminars that are more in depth coverings of topics relevant to veterinary professionals.

Dogs in the practice
This approx. three-hour seminar looks at the safest and most stress-reducing techniques for moving, handling and caring for dogs, calmly and safely.

Adopting some of these strategies and helping to education your clients, will boost efficiency, minimise distress and make your practice a more pleasant place to work in and visit. 

Preparing canine patients

This approx. three-hour seminar covers simple training that pet owners can implement at home to prepare their pets for stress-reduced, cooperative vet care.

This in turn will help the dog (and pet owner) have an easier time under your care, increasing the efficiency of treatments and improving safety for your staff. 

Canine body language seminar

Through the use of interactive resources and discussion, this approx. three-hour seminar looks at recognising canine signaling, particularly canine stress, and implementing strategies to reduce stress, diffusing potentially dangerous situations.

Having an increased awareness of canine communication can help to improve safety and boost the comfort of canine patients.

Running puppy parties

This approx. three-hour seminar covers some of the vital exercises to include in Puppy Parties, what to emphasise with pet owners and how to supervise puppy play and interactions to facilitate the development of appropriate social behaviour.

Implementing these with your clients will help to get puppy & person off to the best start.

Courses & Educational Events

We offer a broad range of courses in animal care, training & behaviour that are relevant to those working in the veterinary field. Our courses are offered in a modular way, allowing for flexibility and building knowledge and skill according to individual preference.

Courses of particular interest include:

  • Canine Behaviour Foundations
  • Canine Behaviour Progression
  • Mechanical Skill Foundations
  • Mechanical Skill Progression
  • Helping Rescue Dogs
  • Supervising Dog Groups & Play
  • Teaching Puppies
  • Aggression & Reactivity
  • Canine Nutrition
  • Dog Safe Handling
  • Client Relations & Counselling Skills

Veterinary staff may also wish to complement their existing knowledge and skill, by adding a more in-depth Specialisation in training and behaviour such as the Canine Behaviour & Training Technician (CBTT) course