Vet Nursing Workshops & Seminars

AniEd workshops and seminars are offered by our qualified training & behaviour practitioners in your institution, arranged to best suit your schedule. Each event has been developed to support skill and knowledge required to practice safely in this area.

Each student will get access to a webinar of instruction and Certificate of Attendance.

We can also tailor workshops and seminars to the needs of your students – just ask!

Safe-Dog Handling

This day long workshop covers important instruction & practice in defensive dog handling techniques. We emphasise the importance of developing skill and knowledge in identifying potentially unsafe situations and techniques to diffuse such interactions. The goal of this workshop is to raise each student’s awareness, improving their safety during course activities and in industry. 

Cost: €300 per group (plus mileage outside Dublin)

Dog-Child Safety Seminar

This approx. three-hour seminar covers simple and straightforward strategies that can help in education of pet owners. Dogs can pose significant risks to children and education of parents and pet owners can help to raise awareness and prevent bites.

Cost: €200 per group (plus mileage outside Dublin)

Canine Body Language

This seminar is approx. three hours long and covers a wide range of signalling that dogs use in communication with each other and with humans. Through interactive activities students will learn to recognise signs of comfort and discomfort in dogs, how to maintain safety by interpreting canine body language and assessing canine welfare by assessing signalling.

Cost: €200 per group (plus mileage outside Dublin)

Teaching Dogs

All animals learn in similar ways and in dog training we use specific understanding of this to design training programs. With a straightforward approach to canine learning, this approx. three hour seminar covers how to identify the causes of unwanted behaviour and approaches to improving behaviour. This will help students evaluate a training issue and design training solutions.

Cost: €200 per group (plus mileage outside Dublin)

Animal Welfare Science

This seminar is approx. three hours long looking at the study of animal welfare science and emphasising the students’ ability to critically evaluate emotive and controversial topics. Through interactive activities we will cover assessing welfare, with an emphasis on behavioural assessments, along with discussion of ethical and welfare concerns and designing welfare audits to improve animal welfare.

Cost: €200 per group (plus mileage outside Dublin)

Reduced-Stress Handling for Dogs

This day long workshop concentrates on developing strategies to reduce stress in handling, husbandry and veterinary environments. Building on developing an understanding of signs of canine stress provides students with knowledge and skills to reduce the impacts of stress, keeping dogs and students safer.

Cost: €300 per group (plus mileage outside Dublin)

AniEd is happy to participate in career or industry events that are organised for your students as we can offer invaluable information on progression, industry practice, running a successful animal care business and providing networking opportunities for interested students.