Studying with AniEd

AniEd offers the most flexible way to take courses, develop your skill and build on your knowledge with our modular courses. You can choose to pick standalone courses or build course-blocks toward a specific specialisation. 

Check out the list of courses, have a look at the schedule and just register for the ones that work for you best. If you have any questions about the best order to complete courses or where to start just get in touch and we will help build a plan just for you. This allows you to work at your own pace and to plug gaps in your knowledge and skill, whether you are a novice or a professional. 


Choose from over 20 different courses of study (with more always on the way) relating to all areas of the study of canine and animal health, welfare and behaviour. 

Each course has a points value that you can use to build toward a specialisation or to accumulate these points as part of your continuing education. 

Our courses may be delivered remotely (no need to attend so you can complete from anywhere at any time), workshop based or seminar based, depending on the subject matter and course content. 

You will be provided with access to the most up to date information in our well-developed course materials that you can access anywhere, any time. 

Once you have completed your course work you may decide to proceed with assessment submission within an allotted time-frame. This will facilitate your continued learning via our detailed feedback that will be returned to you. 


We have grouped related courses into meaningful specialisations that allow for you to follow specific educational paths in the animal care industry. Click on each for more information.

Canine Behaviour and Training (CBTT)
Dog Walking and Pet Sitting (DW)
Dog Daycare Supervisor (DC)
Dog Training Assistant (TA)

Build your own

You can pick ā€˜nā€™ mix from our courses to design your own specialisation. This means that you can study at your own pace and build knowledge in areas of particular interest to you.


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