AniEd directions, Tara & Anne, have a combined 50+ years in the animal care industries, including working in veterinary, pet retail, rescue, training & behaviour, grooming and competitive dog sports. 
Tara & Anne have each delivered NVCA/FETAC/QQI courses, have externally authenticated FETAC/QQI assessments and developed & delivered OCN NI programs. Anne developed and delivered Level 5 and 6 modules in animal care, animal science & science for over a decade.   

This unique combination of skills, knowledge and experiences allows us to better understand the needs of professionals in our developing training & behaviour industries. We have unique insights and that supports our development of the most up-to-date, evidence-based and thoroughly in-depth resources and course content. We have wide-reaching networks forged across ours and related industries and these important relationships continue to influence AniEd.


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Not only do we care about this industry, and its progression, we also care about your education. Whether you are a pet owner or student working with AniEd, we care that your knowledge and skills develop such that you are even more capable of striving for higher standards of welfare. Together, we can make the world better for pets & their people, one dog at a time.

But, most of all, we are dog lovers. We LOVE dogs and have their welfare at heart; understanding their experiences, from their point of view, has always been the spark behind our interest in these fascinating creatures.

Our dogs have grown up with AniEd, and we have lost loved dogs along the way too, making this journey even more impactful and meaningful for us.

We are practitioners too, not just teachers. We offer a wide range of pet owner services, particularly in helping dogs showing behaviours of concern. This gives us further perspective, and provides our students with valuable mentorship.

We are students learning learning learning too and embark on continuing professional development education at least once a month. Given the increased availability of online learning worldwide, this means that we, just like you with AniEd, can study and enhance skills & knowledge any place, any time!

AniEd is Ireland's only independent course developer and provider in the professional area of animal training & behaviour, and one of just a few around the world. Our courses are bespoke and answer to the needs of our colleagues, professionals and students.