Loving and living with a dog who displays behaviours of concern takes a ton of effort, adaptation and time. Love, unfortunately, isn't enough. 

We recognise how much you love your dog and want to do your absolute best for them. But you might not know where to start or may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of conflicting information about canine behaviour out there. Everyone has an opinion online and in real life!

Our Behaviour Matters program is a blended-learning experience, with remote and in-person sessions, and optional (but recommended) online canine behaviour course. We focus on empowering you with more knowledge and skill so that you can support your dog and work through our program, with our guidance as we work through our program, and beyond.


Behaviour Matters can help with behaviours of concern including:

  • biting, threat & warning behaviours such as growling or snapping
  • aggression related behaviours
  • pulling, lunging, barking toward other dogs, vehicles, people and so on - often referred to as "reactivity"
  • "over-arousal" related behaviour, excitability, difficulty settling, "hyper-vigilance"
  • fearful behaviours
  • phobic responses & sound sensitivities such as fireworks, storm/thunder fears

  • excessive behaviours such as barking, destructive behaviours
  • inappropriate chasing behaviours directed at cars, livestock, cyclists and so on
  • separation related behaviours
  • repetitive type behaviours such as reflection/shadow chasing, tail chasing, spinning, excessive self-grooming, flank sucking
  • toileting behaviour

  • territorial behaviours
  • countersurfing, "stealing", and resource guarding related behaviours such as growling, snapping or biting when items are taken from the dog or when the dog is approached while on a bed or sofa
  • sensitivity and discomfort with grooming, veterinary & husbandry procedures, or with handling
  • dog-dog relations, dogs in the same household, relationships with other pets 

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You have a central role

Behaviour change for your dog will require meaningful behaviour change from you first, along with time and lifestyle changes. This can contribute to poorer adherence to those working through behaviour change programs. And we want to keep you in the program and set you up for success!

Your expectations might have been misled by the presentation of dog training on TV and online. Lots of trainers in media will apply aversive and suppressive approaches causing inhibition of dog behaviour, which looks like there has been some miraculous quick fix. There are no quick fixes here!

We are going to support you every step of the way and are in this with you for the long-haul. Meaningful behaviour change, while maintaining your dog's behavioural well-being, takes time. You will look back in a year's time and find it hard to believe how far you've both come. But, the road can be bumpy and progress is not linear. We are with you and your dog throughout. 

Learn more about AniEd and who we are, and how doing a Course With My Dog works. 
Our approach is relationship-centered and, rather than a dog-training-recipe, our interventions become a way of life, individualised for you and your dog; a life shared with your dog. 

Behaviour Matters Program 

  • Blended learning consisting of remote and in-person sessions, and an online canine behaviour course for you to refer to, review and work through if you choose. There's even a workbook, should you wish to really take a deep dive. 
    You have 24/7 access to your online course. 
  • First session is remote, lasting about 1.5-2 hours.
    This session prioritises information gathering and history taking. From that, a report is generated providing us with a roadmap that will evolve as we progress.
  • Two following in-person sessions, each about 1.5-2 hours long.
    This allows us to implement our program and apply our work to your home and areas in which you spend time with your dog.
    There is no obligation for you to proceed after our first remote session, however it is strongly recommended.

  • Individualised e-manual report (Behaviour Support Program or BSP) outlining our history taking, your homework and the exercises we will work on with your dog. 
    While this forms our roadmap, it's evolving throughout. I write just one third of our program; you and your responses write a third and your dog's behaviour writes the final third.
  • Along with your course materials, your report will include step-by-step instruction and video demonstrations for all teaching exercises. 
  • Weekly remote check ins to allow for ongoing support and most importantly, so that I can provide you with feedback on your progress and we can progress efficiently. 
    You can check in as often as you need to and we will celebrate the wins together; I will guide you every step of the way.

We build an effective, evidence-based and humane program devised by the trainers of dog trainers, experts in their field, with your and your pet’s well-being at the heart of all we do.

We start with a remote session


In-person work is important too but we include lots of remote work on our programs too. We use Whatsapp as it's easy and functional, plus we will use this for regular checks in and video sharing.  
Remote work adds many advantages to our work, including: 

  • reduces cost & supports sustainability
  • improves accessibility & availability
  • reduces the impact on your dog as they don't have to deal with a stranger visiting
  • allows us to concentrate on information gathering & history taking; throughout, I will be typing as we chat
  • improves efficiency for our in-person sessions as we can start working immediately
  • allows for immediate feedback on your progress so that you don't get stuck and can stick to our plan
Contrary to popular belief, I don't need to see your dog carry out behaviours of concern. Indeed, I prefer not to put your dog into situations where they respond with stress related behaviours.

My presence changes the picture which will affect your dog's responses. This makes it difficult to get accurate impressions of their responses. We initially prioritise video submissions from you, of your dog in their day-to-day life, to provide me with an understanding of your dog's responses, along with other data collection.
That's supplemented with in-person interactions too, allowing me to create a full picture of your & your dog's responses.

We will work closely with your dog's vet-team and alongside your full BSP, I will send you a summary to send to your vet and other professionals with whom you work. 
Ask your vet to email your dog's clinical records so that we can use that to build history and get a complete health picture for your dog. 

If your dog has not come to us via a vet visit, we will generally refer you back to your vet for further examinations. 

In-person work is carried out at your home and out & about, in your dog's world. 
Our first goal will be to meet your dog's behavioural needs through the provision of outlets for their behaviour. 
Your dog's behaviour is information, telling us what they need...even behaviours we don't like...
Check out our free program: 100 Days Of Enrichment


Full program costs €450.00

Pay per session:
  • payment 1 due before session 1- €150
  • payment 2 due before session 2 - €150
  • payment 3 due before session 3 - €150

How it works

  1. Register for Behaviour Matters here, providing some details about behaviours with which you would like help.
  2. We will respond and might ask for further details, request that you see your dog's vet and ask that you supply your dog's veterinary records (available, by request, from your vet). 
  3. We will arrange a day/time that works best for you for your first remote session. We have availability outside of normal working hours and will do our best to accommodate your schedule and commitments.  
  4. You will forward payment and we will confirm your session.
  5. Your first session is remote and we will discuss your dog's behaviour so that you develop a good understanding of their responses and how to help them. We will discuss your goals and how best to meet your and your dog's needs. 
  6. From that, we will set up a private Whatsapp group so that you can send videos and enquiries. This allows us to stay in touch throughout. We will send you access to your online course. 
  7. Within five days, we will send you your BSP report reflecting our discussions from your session and outlining our foundation program, those first steps to work through to get you and your dog started.
  8. Two-four weeks after your first remote session, we will arrange our first in-person session. Before we attend, you will forward payment according to your payment plan. That session allows us to see how you have been getting on with our initial plan, refine and build, progressing your plan and providing one-to-one guidance.
  9.  Another 2-4 weeks later, we will arrange a second in-person session. You will pay your final instalment, and we will continue to refine and build with more in-person guidance.
  10. Throughout, we will message back and forth, providing guidance and support, and feedback so that you can apply our program. 
Completing this course doesn't magically mean we have 'fixed' everything. With your diligent work on this course, you are provided with a strong foundation and now you continue to live it. This foundation requires about six months of consistent effort to implement.
For more on working with AniEd and doing a course with your dog, see here

Follow-up sessions

Once you have completed your course, and foundation program, you have our ongoing remote support through brief messages and check-ins.

Further remote or in-person work may be required to continue our work, revise and refine. Where our remote communications are not sufficient to support your continued progress, we will recommend follow-up sessions.

  • one hour remote revision session: €100.00
  • one ~90 minute in-person revision session: €150.00
  • two ~90 minute in-person revision sessions (booked together as a package): €270.00 (10% discount)
  • four ~90 minute in-person revision sessions (booked together as a package): €480.00 (20% discount)
Always talk to us first and we can work out the best way to help you and your dog.
(Revision sessions are available only to those who have successfully completed their Behaviour Matters course program.)