Eduction For All

We provide educational courses in animal care, training and behaviour. Because of our experience and the connections we have built within this industry, we present the most up to date and evidence based materials and resources. 

Our courses extend to professionals, those starting with their career and pet owners.
Courses for pet owners, through sessions & packages, will help them understand their own pets, work on training exercises and boost their relationship with their pet. 
We work with veterinary personnel and rescue/rehoming organisations to help both people and pets. And we provide educational support for assistance dog organisations and exotics collections to maintain welfare in handling and supporting animal carers.

We welcome all who wish to work with us, regardless of how you train or what you might have done before. There's no judgement here!
AniEd takes a reinforcement based approach which means setting up learners, of all species, for success through careful environmental management, appropriate enrichment and learning plans to teach new behaviours. 

All course work has online components so that you can access course materials, support and resources any time, anywhere. 

Human & Animal Welfare

Human and animal welfare are inextricably linked. But, the concepts of welfare are often poorly understood and confused with other approaches and philosophies. 

We believe that the welfare of humans and animals can be, and have been, improved through education. 

Reaching pet owners and professionals on the front lines who are caring for pets, help improve the lives of both ends of the leash!

Working with local authorities and government agencies in providing education and support, making submissions regarding legislation and promoting responsible pet ownership are the foundations to building welfare-conscious communities in Ireland. 

Responsible Pet Ownership

Our courses and sessions, and all educational resources, emphasise responsibility, prioritising welfare, in all dealings with animals. 

We make copious resources freely available and are directly involved in behaviour consultation to rescue organisations, helping ensure careful, safe and responsible rehoming.


We are better when we work together and AniEd has an extensive support network. 

Our trainers, who have invested heavily in their education, are supported far beyond the end of their coursework. Through that support we have facilitated the building of a community of professionals who are out there changing human and animal welfare for the better. 

We work with countless organisations, including other behaviour related businesses, animal care businesses and organisations, local authorities, further education colleges, voluntary organisations, government bodies, students, veterinary personnel, trainers, walkers, sitters, boarders, and pet owners. 

And with the help of social media, and a lot of our work being remote, we are lucky to work with others from all over the world.