We do our best to be transparent & clear about what we do and how we do it. See our Transparency page here

We got courses! 


Regardless of your level of interest, we have courses for you! 

We welcome all who wish to work with us, regardless of what way you train, feed or care for dogs, or the way you may have before. We are about collaboration & inclusion, not division or divineness.

AniEd takes a reinforcement-based approach to all education and education is the basis for all we do. 

No matter your level of interest, you will embark on a course with us; structured education to support you and guide you in better understanding dogs, from their point of view.

This provides an understanding of our needs based approach, considering our learners' behaviour as information about how they're doing.

We believe that the welfare of dogs and humans can be improved via education. Human and animal welfare are inextricably linked, but these concepts are poorly understood. And, of course, appropriate educational resources can help change that!

We can be more effective when we work together, so we provide ongoing support, working with individuals & organisations, building community and network within our industry and beyond.     

A Course For You!

Pet Owners!

You are the most vulnerable stakeholders in our industry, but the most impactful link in the welfare chain.  A them-and-us attitude has been traditionally adopted toward pet owners, but we don't think that's acceptable and it's certainly not productive. No blame games here!

You are the keys to helping dogs, and improving canine welfare. By improving your understanding and skill level, while boosting your confidence in your own abilities to manage your dog's behaviour safely, we can support you in meeting your dogs' and your own needs, together.

Courses With My Dog are just what you need to help your dog, with our support!

We have lots of courses that you might like to do to learn even more, courses that are just for you! But, we recommend that all pet owners do our Canine First Aid workshop and we have online & group options.

Embarking on a course with your dog will require lifestyle & behaviour change from you. That's challenging! In the absence of a magic wand (!), we will support you throughout. We are in this for the long-haul, together.

Your commitment is the top criterion for success & the duration of a program is often under-estimated. With us you gain skills, knowledge & an understanding of your dog. Plus ongoing, daily, weekly, regular support, feedback & guidance.


Pet Professionals!

Whether you are just starting out, building a new career, well established or looking to skill build, let us provide you with valuable foundations, vital fundamentals and advanced concepts in evidence-based education. 

Ours is an industry with such diverse entry routes but few provide such an emphasis on critical thinking, evidence evaluation and support to make sure you are not so vulnerable. 
We have grave concerns for our industry; the elevation of gurus and promotion of dubiously supported ideology are typical of an industry with such humble and traditional origins as ours. You need protection, and knowledge is the way to stay safe.

Studying with AniEd arms you with a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of working in our industry, while also providing you with skills & knowledge, and a foundation in lifelong learning.

To get a taste for how we work, and what it's like to study in this way, we encourage you to start with a shorter course so you can try before you dive in to Courses For Me!

No matter what area of animal care you work in, furthering your knowledge of animal training & behaviour is beneficial.

Along with courses for training & behaviour pros, we provide courses, workshops & educational events for a wide range of allied professionals and industries, including, Institutes of Further Education, Local Authorities, charitable organisations, groomers and veterinary hospitals & personnel, plus many more.