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AniEd or 'Animal Education' was first launched in late 2012, although we began to work on it several years before...developing a first-of-its-kind education institution in Ireland takes some serious and intricate planning!

Our goal will always be to improve the welfare of animals and humans through education. We recognise that an animal's behaviour is going to put them most at risk. We offer a range of services to help implement appropriate training and behaviour work, so that pets can live happily and safely in the human world, while their humans develop skills and knowledge to allow them to provide for their pets' welfare.

By reaching pet owners, we help directly by keeping pets in their homes through the provision of appropriate skill and knowledge.

By reaching other professionals, staff & volunteers, we help to expand that reach and make sure to maximise support for pet oners.

For pet owners, we offer a wide range of training and education services on all things pet care, training and behaviour, we bring training and support to you with private, in-home sessions, and can help with a wide range of behaviour issues through veterinary referral.

For professionals and students, our courses and education events will help to launch your career or build and expand on what you have already, bringing your business to new heights. Becoming a dog trainer, or a dog walker, will allow you to become immersed in this wonderful field of growing research and revelation.

We're not brash, we don't brag; we just want to offer you the best education possible, the most up to date information, the most state of the art resources, ongoing support and a wonderful network of colleagues. 

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