Looking for a course to do to help your dog, or a course to do, just for you?

AniEd Ireland provides evidence-based & support centered education for both ends of the lead, for pet owners & dog-pros

Our Story

After several years of development, we happily welcomed our first CBTT learners, on their first day, at the end of October 2012. But of course AniEd had been in the making much longer than that considering the life long love for and interest in all things dog that we, Tara & Anne, have lived...forever!
We, the directors & tutors, have a combined fifty plus years experience in this industry, in all capacities, including training, behaviour, veterinary, nutrition, retail, competition, and education. On top of us loving dogs all the while, of course!

AniEd's founding principle is always in welfare; the animal's welfare and the human's. (What is their experience, from their point of view, and how can we meet their needs?) And the means to achieve these welfare goals is through education.

We offer all with a stake in animal welfare the most well-rounded & complete educational resources and most importantly, a ton of support to guide them all, pet owners, hobbyists, dog lovers and dog-pros, in supporting their animals. It's all connected!

Our approach will always be evidence-based, and in the absence of direct evidence, we emphasise a scientific & critical basis to allow us apply the best available and valid information. Helping others understand how to apply evidence-based practices means better welfare for all!

We're not brash, we don't brag; we just want to offer you the best education possible, the most up to date information, ongoing support and a wonderful network of colleagues.

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The best way to get us is via email so drop us a line: info@anied.ie 

You can learn more about our ethos and how we work by checking out our blog: AniEdIreland.com

And, of course, #100DaysOfEnrichment is always free & available here too! 

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AniEd provides training & behaviour consultancy to Irish rescue organisation, A Dog's Life (RCN: 20071882) (CHY 18640). Anne is a trustee of A Dog's Life. 

Anne is the Vice-Chair of the newly formed, Irish Veterinary Behaviour Association and an IVBA member. 


Our 100 Days of Enrichment program is a one hundred day program for you and your dog! It's free & available for you any time, anywhere. 
Learn more about providing for your dog's needs...enrichment is more than just food toys and increasingly-difficult puzzles...so much more. 
Start today; work through the challenges with your dog, in your own time. and join our awesome community of enrichers.