Canine First Aid

Our Canine First Aid workshop is unlike many available in that ours is not just incredibly informative, fun and applicable, it's also evidence based. We comb the literature, liaise with emergency veterinary professionals, and regularly update our materials and methods so that we are working as closely as possible within standardised, researched veterinary emergency guidelines in canine first aid.

We are also super convenient and offer in-person workshops (we come to you!) and online workshops, that have proven to be wonderfully successful and accessible to so many more people. This is such important information that we want to do all we can to reach everyone who needs this! 

Get in touch if you are from an institution of further education or you teach QQI courses in animal care/science. Our canine first aid workshop complements your coursework. Talk to us!


Goals of this course: 

  • to understand scene and dog assessment, healthy & safety and to mitigate risks associated with administrating canine first aid
  • to develop skills in controlling and maintaining emergency or urgent situations
  • to develop awareness of emergencies, urgent situations, illnesses, injuries, and the importance of veterinary intervention
  • use of barriers, emergency muzzling & safe movement and handling procedures
  • to build skills and knowledge in CPR assessment and chest compressions
  • to apply a range of tools for choking emergencies
  • to develop skills & understanding to carry out bleeding assessments, control bleeding and manage wound care
  • assess, handle and move possible spinal and fracture emergencies with the required care
  • to develop understanding of a range of canine emergencies & urgent situations
  • raise awareness of the need to maintain personal safety and self care in canine emergency contexts

You get:

  • an in-person, full-day workshop or online two-part workshops with lots of fun, participation and guidance
  • quick reference guides: these are informative images to store on your phone so that you have all the emergency instruction when and where you need it
  • access to an in-depth online manual to allow for continued learning and even more detail
  • certificate upon completion

What our students say:

We are delighted that our online workshops have taken off and are a huge success. This is a most sustainable and accessible way for us to get this vitally important information out to as many pet owners and pros as possible.
Plus, it's lots of fun!

Choose your Online Canine First Aid workshop dates: 

Choose workshops that work for you and register with us to save your space. These book fast because they are popular and we keep the groups small; we've found that 8 participants works best to keep everyone involved and learning most effectively. 

We have had participants from all over the world and all times are Irish times (ROI). Each workshop starts as 7pm and is two hours long, although we might run a little longer with questions and discussion

  • Part 1 Sunday 13th November + Part 2 Saturday 19th November 2022
  • Part 1 Sunday 29th January + Part 2 Saturday 18th February 2023
  • Part 1 Saturday 22nd April + Part 2 Saturday 6th May 2023
  • Part 1 Sunday 25th June + Part 2 Saturday 8th July 2023
  • Part 1 Saturday 9th September + Part 2 Sunday 17th September 2023
  • Part 1 Saturday 18th November + Part 2 Sunday 26th November 2023
This is a two part workshop and you must complete both dates of the one course together (listed in pairs above) for the discounted rate (€50).

Course Details: 


In-person workshop: we come to you so we book a day that suits you and your group! 
Online workshop: our online workshop comprises two parts and the next dates are above - register now! 


In-person workshop: we come to you so you tell us where to go!
Online workshop: you can participate from anywhere!


This really is vital information for ALL dog pros including trainers, behaviour pros, groomers, walkers, sitters, boarders, day-carers, kennel carers, rescue folks, petshop peeps...everyone who works with or hangs out with dogs! 
The in-person workshop is a great group event for dog training groups and clubs, for dog-friendly workplaces, organisations with assistance dogs in attendance, emergency services personnel, and Institutions of Further Education. The in-person workshop is a full day and a wonderful way for a group to bond together while learning life-saving information.

Our online workshop works for everyone! It's awesome for pet owners and pros, but groups can join too! It's accessible for all, it's sustainable and most of all, you can participate from the comfort of your own home, with your pets by your side. 

How long? 

In-person workshop: full day, usually starting at 10am, but we can work with your schedule
Online workshop: two parts, each two hours long - sometimes they run a little longer with questions and discussion 

How much?

In-person workshop: €80 per person attending, minimum group of five participants
Online workshop: each part costs €30, book and attend both parts together and get a discounted rate of €50 

What will I learn about? 

  • roles & principles of first aid
  • scene assessment, management
  • communication & risk analysis
  • your safety
  • primary & secondary assessments
  • CPR & related skills
  • detecting pain
  • careful & safe handling of the injured dog
  • constructing a canine first aid kit

Emergencies, including:

  • shock, bleeding, wound management
  • choking
  • spinal injuries, fractures
  • seizures, electric shock
  • water related emergencies
  • HRI
  • GDV
Urgent situations, including: 

  • foot, nail & pad injuries
  • stings & related conditions
  • grass seeds
  • foreign bodies
  • nosebleeds
We ask attendees to bring their queries too and will add further information & resources to the online course manual. We are happy to discuss all suggested first aid topics so we all learn together.