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All of our programs offer flexibility, part-time & online delivery, and the most in-depth, up-to-date, evidence based information and resources in animal care education. 
Studying with us invites you into our growing network of like-minded animal lovers and pet professionals.

Think of our courses as building blocks, developing your skills and knowledge toward a a completed goal. Courses can be taken on their own or combined in a Specialisation. 
Or you can build your own by combining component courses toward specific knowledge and skill goals you may have.


We offer over twenty different courses, and each Specialisation is made up of a different combination of these. 

That means you might be on course events with people from different Specialisations, and with those doing standalone courses. This mix always creates an interesting, engaging learning environment. 

Each course is run at least twice a year so you can easily schedule courses when you can best commit to studying. 

Most courses require attendance for a seminar or workshop, always at weekends. Attending the seminar or workshop will also provide you with access to top notch course materials, that will allow you to continue working on course work.

Assessment submission is optional. There are no tests or exams, and assessment work will be returned with detailed feedback to facilitate your continued learning. 



Some courses are presented online, so you don't need to attend at all, and most are presented on a part-time basis, requiring attendance.  

In the case of most courses, you will then have either three or four months to work on course and assessment work, on a homestudy basis with our online support.

Because our courses are delivered on a modular basis, this approach to maximises flexibility and allows learners attend from all over the country and even from all over the world!

Course Content

Our course materials, for all educational events, are in-depth, providing you with a complete introduction and covering to a topic, through both theory and practice. We present course content via different media to support different approaches to learning and present a well-rounded view of topics.  

We emphasise critical thinking and evaluation on all of our courses, so that you will be encouraged to think, question and critique, rather than blindly following. 

Because the animal care, training & behaviour industries are unregulated, it's all too easy to be exposed to information and 'gurus' and it can be difficult to wade through all that to source reliable and valid information. 
We will guide you in developing critical evaluation skills, and in building an understanding of scientific processes and applied sciences. Even if you have never studied science before, you don't need to be scared!

The field of canine science is just growing, and you will be starting your journey in this area when studying behaviour and animal care is blooming, making this an exciting time of innovation in canine behaviour science!