AniEd Learner Handbook

To enroll on your chosen course, you are asked to review each of the following three components of the AniEd Learner Handbook. 
When completing your application form you are asked to confirm that you have read, understood and agree to abide by the terms & conditions within. 


Part 1 AniEd Guide 2024

Download here
The AniEd Guide outlines details about studying with us, covering your coursework and submitting assessments. 


Part 2 AniEd Policies & Procedures 2024

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Our policies outline how AniEd runs, our accountability and responsibilities to you, and expectations of you while studying with AniEd. 


Part 3 AniEd Terms & Conditions 2024

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Carefully read Ts&Cs relating to transacting business with AniEd.