Our new world calls for all new practices so we have been updating our training programs to incorporate as many online options as possible, adding new options regularly. 

Human + dog education courses happen in your own home through blended learning and online learning. 

Blended learning involves in-person sessions with online coursework so you and your dog can practice any place, any time. 

We have some all-online options too for the commited human-dog team, backed up with lots of support and online guidance. 

We have always utilised the best online resources for pet owners, and now we are enhancing that by developing blended learning options for our most popular teaching and training programs. 

AniEd are the trainers of trainers and have developed curricula and programs based on decades of experience, working with thousands of human-dog teams, and the most up to date tools and techniques for effectively teaching both ends of the leash. 

We understand the science behind human and dog teaching, and by making it fun, accessible and effective, we will help you apply it.  

We have a limited coverage range including: 

  • M50 from North to South, end to end
  • M1 as far as Balbriggan
  • N2 as far as Kentstown
  • M3 as far as Skryne
  • M4 as far as Celbridge
  • N7 as far as Kill
  • N81 as far as Tallaght
  • M11 as far as Shankill

 We can discuss coverage in your area with you. If we can't get to you we will refer you to one of our trusted trainers who may be able to help you. 

Sessions are available: 

  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday evenings
  • Limited availability on Monday & Friday mornings
  • Limited availability on  Saturday & Sunday mornings

Sessions happen at your home and in other relevant places such as where you exercise your dog, local and appropriate parkland, or other suitable sites such as Blanchardstown Shopping Centre and the Phoenix Park

We work in the places that help you and your dog learn relevant behaviours, where you need them.
Dogs learn most efficiently in the contexts in which they will need behaviour, so that's where we work! It's important, though, that we carefully adjust the environment to which your dog is exposed; taking care never to put them in situations they find overwhelming. We want to keep learning efficient and fun for both of you!

How In-Home Sessions Work

Making contact:

Register for your session here and provide a little information about your dog's behaviour and the training you would like to work on. We might have some further questions to help direct you to the best service to help you and your dog. From there, we can arrange times and days that work best for you, for us to meet. 

We will respond to your email as quickly as possible, usually within 1-2 working days, but we are not available by phone and all arrangements will be made by email.

We will ask you about your potential COVID-19 exposure at booking and confirmation. You may choose not to respond, which is absolutely fine, but, in this case, we will not be able to arrange an in-person session with you at this time. 

Getting ready:

  • Your first session must be paid, in full, electronically, at least 24 hours before the session is due to start. A session is not confirmed until payment has been received. See here for more on making payments.
  • It's best not to feed your dog just before their session. Give them just half their normal meal no less than a couple of hours before our session is due to start
  • At this time, we ask that maximum two people are present for your session. 
    Arrange for another adult to be available to help with small children. It's best that children have an activity to keep them occupied while we work; some discussions may be too sensitive for children and for the most part, small children will find a training session a bit too long and boring!
  • Please have a table, desk or similar and chairs available for us to sit at during our session.

We will start each session with a discussion of your dog's behaviour and your training goals and expectations. I will take notes to best formulate your program and put together a file of resources for you and your dog.

Depending on what we are working on, your dog’s behaviour, and whether I have met your dog before, there may be specific set-up requirements that we will discuss before your session. 

Before I arrive: 

  • You must provide at least 24 hours notice of cancellation or postponement; refunds of fees are not available otherwise. 
  • I will message you the night before a morning session or the morning of an evening session, just as a reminder. 
  • Provide us with information about parking at your house; have parking tag/tickets ready for when I arrive.
  • When I arrive at your house, I won't ring the bell or knock! Instead I will message or call.
  • Please securely confine your dog to another room, his crate or confinement area, or outside, with a closed door, before I enter. This allows me to come in and have a quick chat with you about your dog’s behaviour and then we will meet your dog in a way that ensures their comfort.

Given the current restrictions, I may not be able to supply training equipment for use during our session. It's best to have some of your dog's favourites, like treats and chews, to keep them entertained during our session.