AniEd classes & sessions will always put you and your dog first, by making sure that the training environment is safe and conducive to both you and your dog learning.

Trainers at AniEd are the trainers of trainers so we have developed class curricula based on decades of experience, working with thousands of dog-human teams, and the most up to date tools and techniques for effectively teaching both ends of the leash.

Our classes & sessions are indoors so we can train no matter the weather, and most importantly, so that we can control the environment. This sets you and your dog up for success.
Training class is really about the human learning to teach their dog, so we make it real easy for your dog to relax and learn, so that you have an easier time developing the skills and knowledge to put your training into practice at home and where you need it.

We know the science behind human and dog teaching, but we will make it straight-forward for you so that you can apply each class lesson to the real world. 

Each week, after class, you will receive comprehensive class notes, including background to each exercise, step-by-step instruction, lots of instructional videos, information about dog training/care topics and your homework.

Our classes have small numbers (4-6 per class) with two trainers, so you get plenty of individual instruction on class exercises. The AniEd training facility is tailor-designed for dogs, our trainers are insured and have the qualifications in both theory and practice, to help you.

We offer a range of training services, so even if classes are not right for you, we will have a training service to help you and your dog.

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