AniEd has always offered the best in training, pet owner support and behaviour work and now, with us moving from our centre, AniEd is mobile!
We will be providing private in-home sessions from January 2019, bringing effective, fun and relationship-centred training to you...right in your home, where you need it most. 

You will have often heard us say that "behaviour is in the environment", and that means that helping you in the places where you and your dog need it most is more efficient and cost-effective. 

Trainers at AniEd are the trainers of trainers so we have developed curricula and programs based on decades of experience, working with thousands of dog-human teams, and the most up to date tools and techniques for effectively teaching both ends of the leash.

Training and behaviour work is really about adjusting the environment so that your dog exhibits appropriate behaviour, making sure the pets' needs are met and helping the human learn to teach their dog. 
Working with you and your dog in these environments, where you need help, will allow us to give you the foundation skills and knowledge to work with your dog, building your relationship, and enjoying life together.

We know the science behind human and dog teaching, but we will make it straight-forward and fun, so you can apply it where you need it most.  

How In-Home Sessions Work:

Register for your session here and provide a little information about your dog's behaviour and the training you would like to work on. We will be able to direct you to the best service to help you and your dog. 

We will email you back as soon as possible, usually within one working day, and arrange a time and day that works best for you. 

In-home sessions are available on Monday and Friday mornings and afternoons, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and evenings, and limited weekend mornings and afternoons.

Get ready for your session: 

  • first session must be paid in full, electronically and at least 24 hours in advance of your session
    See here for more on making payments. 
  • don't feed your dog within 6 hours of your session - your dog will work for their food during our session so they don't need their full portion on training day
  • we will start each session with a discussion of your dog's behaviour and your training goals; I will take notes to best formulate your program and put together a file of resources for you and your dog
  • please have a table, desk or similar and chairs available for us to sit at during our session
  • it's best that another adult be available to help with small children and that children have an activity to keep them occupied while we work; some discussions may be too sensitive for children and for the most part, small children will find a training session a bit too long and boring!
  • depending on what we are working on, your dog’s behaviour, and whether I have met your dog before, there may be specific set-up requirements that we will discuss before your session 

Before I arrive: 

  • I will text you 24 hours before your session to confirm; if you need to cancel or postpone, I must have 24 hours notice at least
  • when I get to your house, I will text or call when I am outside
  • please securely confine your dog to another room, his crate or confinement area, or outside before I enter – this allows me to come in and have a quick chat with you about your dog’s behaviour and then we will meet your dog in a way that ensures their comfort 

I will bring treats, toys and puzzles to help entertain your dog and it’s a good idea if you have your dog’s favourites ready too, should they prefer their own. 

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