This is not really about dog training (don't worry, you're not in the wrong place!), this is about human training...well, human teaching, guidance and support! It's all about you! We help you develop skills and knowledge to guide your dog.

You take your course, with your dog, through blended learning (a combination of online and in-person education), allowing us to provide you with support and guidance, so you can support and guide your dog.

We incorporate as many online options as possible to improve flexibility, reduce costs, increase sustainability, and, most importantly, maintain your dog's comfort. Our presence will change your dog's behaviour so we use lots of owner-submitted videos to allow us observe your dog.

AniEd are the trainers of dog trainers and have developed curricula & programs based on our decades of experience & academic study, working with thousands of human-dog Teams, and the most up to date tools and techniques for effectively teaching both ends of the leash.

We understand the science behind human and dog teaching, and by making it fun, accessible and effective, we will help you apply it.  

It can be difficult to know where to start! If you have any questions about your dog's behaviour and what you might like help with or to work on, register here.

There's no obligation to book anything, after registering, but this is a good first step in getting started. We're here to help!

Let us help you find the best service to help you your dog. Register and complete the form and we will help you. 


  • Adventure Class
  • Pop-Up Classes
  • Intensive In-Person One-off Sessions

  • Behaviour Matters Program
  • Kids & K9s: Baby Prep and Juggling Kids & K9s Programs
  • First 1000 Days: Super Puppies and Young Dogs Programs

Let us help you find the best service to help you and your dog. Register and complete the form and we will help you.


Working with AniEd

We take an enrichment based approach putting your and your dog's needs at the forefront. Once needs are met, we can build on that foundation. 
However, dogs have little choice or control over what happens to them and can't possibly be expected to take the lead on this. That's up to us! Be prepared for a shift in your thinking, changes to your lifestyle and long-term commitment.

Carefully assess your trainer before you hire them, even if you are working off recommendations from other guardians. Our industry is unregulated so standards vary widely and it's important that you work with someone with whose ethos you share. 

Read "This is how we do it" for more about AniEd's approach. 

And if you were thinking there were quick fixes, like you might have seen on TV trainer shows or social media visits, think again: "Simple. Not Easy."

Areas Covered

We have a limited coverage range that includes: 

  • M50 from North to South, end to end
  • M1 as far as Balbriggan
  • N2 as far as Kentstown
  • M3 as far as Skryne
  • M4 as far as Celbridge
  • N7 as far as Kill
  • N81 as far as Tallaght
  • M11 as far as Shankill

We may be able to cover outside this range but extra charges will apply.
If we can't get to you, we will refer you to one of 
our trusted trainers who may be able to help you. 

Appointment Availability

All sessions are by appointment only and booked in advance. While we do our best to see you in a timely manner, we may be booked out 2-4 weeks at a time. 

Session appointments are available on: 

  • Monday afternoons & evenings
  • Tuesday mornings & evenings
  • Wednesday evenings
  • Friday mornings & afternoons
  • Limited availability on Saturday & Sunday afternoons

Not sure which service you need? Let us help you!
Register and provide some information so we can make the most appropriate recommendations.

How it works

Start by registering here and provide a little information about you and your dog's behaviour. Your submitted form is received by us via email and we will send you an email response as quickly as possible. We might have some further questions or clarifications and will discuss your dog's behaviour further. 

From there, we can arrange times and days that work best for you, to get your program started. 

We will respond to your email as quickly as possible, usually within 1-2 working days, but we are not available by phone and all initial arrangements will be made by email.

Getting ready:

  • Your first session must be paid, in full (or according to our agreed payment plan), electronically, at least 24 hours before the session is due to start. A session is not confirmed until payment has been received. We will send you a payment link, to pay via Stripe, and bank account details, to pay via electronic bank transfer.
  • It's best not to feed your dog just before an in-person session. Give them just half their normal meal no less than a couple of hours before our session is due to start
  • Arrange for another adult to be available to help with small children. It's best that children have an activity to keep them occupied while we work; some discussions may be too sensitive for children and for the most part, small children will find a training session a bit too long and boring!
  • Please have a table, desk or similar and chairs available for us to sit at during in-person sessions.

Depending on what we are working on, your dog’s behaviour, and whether I have met your dog before, there may be specific set-up requirements that we will discuss before your session. 

Before I arrive: 

  • You must provide at least 48 hours notice of cancellation or postponement; refunds of fees are not available otherwise. 
  • We will message you the night before a morning session or the morning of an evening session, just as a reminder. 
  • Provide us with information about parking at your house; have parking tag/tickets ready for when I arrive.
  • When I arrive at your house, I won't ring the bell or knock (to avoid too much excitement before we even start!). Instead I will message or call.
  • Please securely confine your dog to another room, his crate or confinement area, or outside, with a closed door, before I enter. This allows us to have a quick chat with you about your dog’s behaviour and then we will meet your dog in a way that ensures their comfort.
  • Have some of your dog's favourite foods, treats, chews, and toys ready for our session to keep them entertained and as reinforcers.