Terms of Service

Registering & Booking:

  • All blended learning courses are online and in-person, held at your home or other suitable locations.
  • Register for training services by completing the contact form. A session is not confirmed until we have received payment.
  • All arrangements are made by email.
  • We can only provide in-home sessions within our coverage area.
  • Once we have arranged a date/time for your first session, you will receive a Booking Email which includes all the information needed to confirm your session.

Session confirmation:

  • Once we receive payment, and other information requested in the Booking Email, we will confirm receipt.
  • A session is not confirmed until we have received payment. That means, I will not initiate a remote session or travel to your home until we have received payment.
  • By forwarding payment, you agree to the terms of service laid out in your Booking Email and on our website.


  • All payments, for first sessions, must be made electronically via Stripe or electronic bank transfer. (If required, other payment arrangements may be made for subsequent sessions.)
  • Payment must be received at least 48 hours before your session is due to commence.
  • A session is not confirmed until we have received payment. That means, I will not initiate a remote session or travel to your home until we have received payment.

Postponing & Cancellation

  • We require at least 48 hours’ notice of postponement or cancellation of a booked and confirmed session.
  • If you fail to provide adequate notice of postponement or cancellation, you may be liable for relevant fees.
  • This may be overlooked should we need to postpone our session and can arrange and confirm another more suitable date/time within an appropriate timeframe.


  • Refunds are not available once a course program has commenced (first session has taken place) or in the case of cancellation made at too short notice (less than 48-hours’ notice).
  • Where a refund is requested and approved, we will process your refund within 10 working days electronically.
  • All course programs must be completed within three months of the first session, or within the recommended timeframe, which we will discuss with you as required. Failing to complete your course program within the allotted timeframe will mean that you forfeit all fees paid and will need to re-enroll, start again and pay in full. 

Your Session

  • If your dog has been ill, had diarrhea or vomiting, or otherwise unwell in the 48 hours before your session, please contact us before our scheduled session; it may be better to miss the session for your dog’s comfort but we will discuss the next best steps.
  • We aim to be on time for your in-person session, but where traffic or unforeseen circumstances make us late, we will contact you immediately to let you know. We will make up this time as conveniently as possible.
  • We are unable to make up time lost during your session due to interruptions, preparing or eating meals, taking phone calls, or interacting with children who attend.
  • Within five working days after your session, we will send you any personalised e-manual reports relevant to your course program, and send you access to your online course area which includes all your resources and course materials so that you can continue to work through your program and practice at home.
  • During your session we may take photographs or video of your dog; this will be used for educational purposes, to help you complete the exercises in your training plan and for use on social media e.g. YouTube, Facebook. No personal details will be disclosed, and all discussion is confidential.
    Please let us know, by email, if you would prefer your dog not be filmed or photographed.

You & Your Dog

You, the client, are, by law, responsible for your dog’s behaviour at all times. Advice given by AniEd is based on the information you provide during the registration process and at your session. All training advice is implemented at the clients’ own risk.

All dog training, including session, program and course activities are participated in at your own risk. AniEd, staff and trainers cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any injuries or losses sustained during training activities.

You are responsible for your dog’s safety and behaviour at all times and you are advised to ensure you have adequate pet or household insurance cover for liability in the unlikely event of damage or injury caused by your dog to property or to a third party.

There can be no guarantees in terms of success with training and behaviour programs as there are so many variables affecting your dog’s behaviour.
A training program relies on your commitment for its success. We will support you and will be available to offer guidance as you work through the program.
We endeavour to respond to client queries within 48 hours of receiving a query via email or message.


We will not share any information with any other individual or organization in relation to you, your dog, or their behaviour.
Exceptions may be made where we are, for example, approached by an insurance company in relation to your pet’s behaviour, or where we are concerned for the safety of any individual. Disclosure will be made only to relevant authorities and we will always discuss this with you first.
We may ask for your permission, in writing, to discuss your case with your veterinary team or other relevant professional.

Please read our Privacy Statement here
By enrolling in training services with AniEd Ireland, you consent to us contacting you in the following ways:

  • by email, we will send you booking confirmations and details
  • by email or other message, we will send you your comprehensive post-consultation report and online area access
  • by email, we will notify you of other training services that may be of interest or benefit to you and your dog, including follow-up sessions
  • by email, we may send you information about services and events provided by AniEd Ireland
  • by mobile phone text message, or other message, we may contact you should a service be cancelled at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances
  • by message, we will respond to your queries and provide feedback and coaching

You may withdraw consent at any time. Please email us regarding any concern you may have about how we use your personal information.