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We take your education very seriously and want you to be able to translate the knowledge and skills you gain with us into applicable means to help pets and their people. 

It is tricky for people like you, seeking an education in this area, to find courses, resources and mentorship that is current and in keeping with developing best practice. We started AniEd because this wasn't to be found! 

Over the years, the numbers of our students and graduates has increased and we see their stamp on the industry. But we still have work to do!

You can join us on the full CBTT program or build your own experience by choosing individual courses, from short courses to deep dives. All courses are accompanied by materials, resources and support that out-does anything else available.
We encourage you to try-before-you-buy, and embark on a couple of shorter courses first to get a taste for working with us and studying this way.

From the very beginning you will be supported in developing critical evaluation skills, exposed to the most up to date and challenging information, and of course, given appropriate career guidance.

We hold ourselves, our students and graduates to a high standard and feel that the animals for whom we care deserve nothing less. As such, our support and education doesn't end on the last day of your coursework - you will be embraced in our growing network of support, mentorship and continuing education.

If you want to immerse yourself in this study area, develop awareness of this industry, access the most up to date resources, become the best you can be, truly understand animal welfare, and commit to lifelong learning, choose AniEd.

Why study with AniEd?

In everything we do, we are bound by our mission and core values. Our qualified CBTTs must work within their mission & Code of Practice. These are the founding principles for how we conduct ourselves, how we design all our course materials and our guides for you, our learners.

Evidence based education that emphasises critical evaluation skills: 

  • We prioritise each learner developing crucial critical evaluation skills which are essential in this information age and in our unregulated industry. This helps and guides learners in navigating the vast complexities of this industry, provides you with awareness to truly evaluate resources & information, and makes sure you won't be bamboozled! 
  • We will provide you with vast learning resources designed to support all learning preferences, presented in varied media and flexible to improve accessibility. You will have access to your online course areas, with everything you need available to download, so you can study any time, any place. You're encouraged to download and save materials to your device so you have access even without an internet connection. 
  • Our course materials provide the most up to date and current information in animal training, behaviour, welfare & health. We cut through the fads, which are widespread throughout our industries, to help you understand consilience, the fundamentals, and the true application of evidence based work.

Reinforcement based education for all species

  • We emphasise a reinforcement based approach to education and interactions for all species. Reinforcement is a process through which animals (including humans) learn new skills. Through your coursework with us, you will develop a very clear understanding of applying reinforcement to all interactions, something that is often poorly demonstrated in our industry.
  • A reinforcement-based approach allows you to understand taking a needs-based approach to helping animals, and their humans. Rather than thinking 'obedience' or 'manners', you will learn how to recognise animal and human needs so that you can spot discrepancies and develop intervention programs to help.
  • Working through a needs-based lens is the key to your understanding of welfare. An animal's (or human's) behaviour is information telling us about what they need and them telling us about their point of view. Behaviour is the least invasive manner through which to study welfare and developing measurable & data-driven standards of welfare.

We are a small, Irish & women-led business

  • Promoting and supporting small dog training businesses is our passion! Irish & women-led businesses often require extra support so we're here for that too! 
  • AniEd programs are written, developed and delivered by your tutors who have 50+ years worth of academic and experiential work and qualifications in this industry, and in supporting industries. While we are still learning, and value lifelong learning and evolving, we can offer you a pretty well-rounded image of our industry and its workings. 
    We are established throughout this industry, for decades, and have deep-running ties; we understand the challenges of running a business in this industry in Ireland, and the wonder at nurturing the development of this industry.
  • AniEd is pretty unique in that our programs are not delivered through or overseen by organisations outside the Irish market or outside our industry. 
  • We welcome everyone; no matter your background, abilities or how you choose to work with dogs. We provide materials and study options designed to improve accessibility and we strive for inclusivity. We are listening to communities within our industry and are guided by their needs and suggestions. 
  • Pet-keeping is associated with many issues relating to sustainability. We are always looking at evidence-based ways to improve sustainable animal care and business conduct. It's a challenge, for sure! But we are motivated to help and support other small businesses in developing sustainable approaches in our industry.  

We espouse ethical, responsible & professional operations

  • Join us to partake in the development of professional standards within our special and growing industry in Ireland. 
  • With our connections throughout our industry, we are working to raise the value and esteem of our work in behavioural health. Helping everyone recognise the importance of considerations for behaviour health is an important route to improving animal welfare. 
  • We also recognise the importance of on-going, continuing education & professional development, not just for ourselves, but also for our graduates. Our qualified CBTTs must keep up with continuing education & professional development. We provide regular continuing education events for all CBTT grads and students; qualified CBTTs are also encouraged to seek continuing education beyond AniEd so they are integrated within our industry. 
    AniEd CEEs, Continuing Education Events, are provided by AniEd and held about once a month. Our graduates suggest topics and we examine the evidence available on these topics and approaches to safely & effectively applying this information.   

Nurturing relationships & communities through support, collaboration & mentorship

  • Throughout your studies, and beyond, you will have full and ongoing support from tutors, colleagues, grads...our entire AniEd community. 
  • You will be welcomed into the AniEd support network of professionals and learners, forming friendships with others with similar interests and learning from the experiences of others. 
  • Your AniEd tutors run a real dog business and you will be mentored via our real clients and their dogs. You are encouraged to participate, join in and gain valuable experience with expert guidance. 
  • We are here for you. We recognise the difficulties we have all experienced over the last couple of years...and things certainly don't appear to be getting easier any time soon. But we have all benefitted from being there for one another throughout this, and we want you to feel that support too. 
  • By providing ongoing and remote support when you need it, by offering flexible learning opportunities and by guiding you along your journey, we will nurture your development and career.
  • Plus, you get to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of dogs, dogs, and more dogs!

Our students & graduates agree!