Why choose AniEd?

We take your education very seriously and want you to be able to translate the knowledge and skills you gain with us into applicable means to help pets and their people. 

It is tricky for people like you, seeking an education in this area, to find courses, resources and mentorship that is current and in keeping with developing best practice. We started AniEd because this wasn't to be found! 

Over the years, the numbers of our students and graduates has increased and we see their stamp on the industry. But we still have work to do!

We offer Specialisations which will prepare you and hone you for a career in our industry, along with component Courses, which offer a covering of some industry relevant feature. All our students receive materials, resources and support that out-does anything else available.

From the very beginning you will be given appropriate career advice, supported in developing critical thinking skills, and exposed to the most up to date and challenging information.

We hold ourselves, our students and graduates to a high standard and feel that the animals for whom we care deserve nothing less. As such, our support and education doesn't end on the last day of your coursework - you will be embraced in our growing network of support, mentorship and continuing education. 

If you want to immerse yourself in this study area, develop awareness of this industry, access the most up to date resources, become the best you can be, truly understand animal welfare, and commit to lifelong learning, choose AniEd. 

Study with AniEd:

  • Our emphasis is on each learner developing crucial skills in critical evaluation, essential in this information age and in this unregulated industry. This will help you to navigate the vast complexities of this industry and truly evaluate resources and information. 
  • Joining us means that you will be party to the development of professional standards within this unique and growing industry in Ireland.
  • Throughout your studies and beyond, you will have full and ongoing support from tutors and other learners.
  • Our modular system of course delivery maximises flexibility in your study planning.
  • You will be welcomed into the AniEd support network of professionals and learners allowing you to mix with others with similar interests and learn from the experiences of others. 
  • We will provide you with state of the art learning resources designed to cater for all learning preferences through the use of varied media.
  • Our courses and continuing education events provide the most up to date and current information in canine training, behaviour and healthcare. We cut through the fads and trends, helping you to understand the true meaning and application of data. 
  • You will have access to our online classroom, for the duration of your course, so that you can study any where any time. In addition, all materials are downloadable so once you have them on your device, you can access them even without an internet connection. 
  • You will gain valuable experience with your tutors and with real clients and their dogs.
  • All of our courses are written and delivered by tutors who are qualified and experienced in teaching, in dog training and behaviour with excellent ties within the industry. Your tutors have a combined 50 years + in this industry in Ireland and abroad. 
  • You are encouraged to participate in a range of dog related services to support your learning.
  • Continuing education is important for all professionals, and qualified CBTTs must keep up with continuing professional development. All students and graduates have access to participation in continuing education events with learners from all sorts of backgrounds and who are at different stages of career development in Ireland. These seminars, workshops and webinars are held about once a month. 
  • You get to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of dogs, dogs and more dogs!
  • Doing a course with us allows you to have fun and develop lifelong friendships with others who share your interests.

What our students & graduates say...

"Amazing courses with incredibly knowledgeable and supportive tutors, that go above and beyond the call of duty for their students.I firstly studied and completed the Dog Training Assistants course in AniEd (CTI). It was then I knew for sure that I wanted to pursue my life long ambition of becoming a dog trainer. I therefore continued my studies and completed the CBTT course. As a result I am now running my own dog training business.
I regularly attend continuing education events in AniEd and the continued support  from Anne and Tara (my tutors and mentors) in AniEd is incredible, both as a dog trainer and a pet owner. I cannot recommend AniEd highly enough

Louise Moore CBTT Ratoath Dog Training

"I started CBTT in 2017 to learn more about dog behaviour while volunteering at a shelter. The comprehensive courses on canine behaviour combined with practical training skills make this ideal for anyone interested in working with dogs either as a volunteer or a dog professional. Also the one-to-one support provided by the AniEd tutors is excellent - I highly recommend this programme."

Fiona Mulreany 

"It's very hard to find a canine teaching institution in Ireland, I was lucky enough to do a comprehensive course with AniEd. The course gave me up to date knowledge and skills to help me, my dogs and clients. The continuing education offered ensures I'll always be up to date with the best methods and practices. Thank you so much AniEd.

Clare Reeves CBTT, Doggone Good

"The CBTT course with AniEd is comprehensive, providing a thorough understanding of theory and practice in canine behaviour, welfare and training. The course materials, presentations and resources are second to none, and the tutor and group support throughout (and since) has been fantastic."

Lesley Townsend CBTT, Clever Companions

"I have recently completed the CBTT course and I would highly recommend it. The course work is very in depth but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The knowledge I gained from this course is far more than I thought I would. AniEd offer great support and guidance both during the course and on completion of the course. "

Triona Oaxley CBTT

"I completed the CBTT course in 2014 having looked into what courses were available and feasible to do in both Ireland and the UK. The offering CBTT had was the best fit.  Gaining the qualification has allowed me  work with dogs and their humans in a competent manner.  I had already been volunteering with a rescue and the course content allowed me to help, understand and make life better for the animals in our care."

Mary Doyle CBTT, Best Paw Forward

"Having studied with AniEd Ireland, I highly recommend their courses. The course materials are in depth, up to date and well presented. The on-going support provided is excellent, and I continue to attend workshops and seminars hosted by them."

Niamh Lynch CBTT, Polite Paws

"I couldn't recommend the Canine Behaviour and Training Technician course enough for anyone currently working in canine training or care, or anybody interested in moving into this field. When I completed this course I was working in dog rescue and rehabilitation and it gave me the skills, knowledge and confidence I needed to really make a difference. The ongoing support and continuous learning opportunities available following completion of this course mean that once you start to learn with AniEd you will never stop, fantastic course! "

Emir Farrell CBTT, Tough Enough for Charlie

"Galway County Council recently undertook a Safe Dog Handling training course with AniEd for our community wardens and dog wardens. The course given by Anne, our trainer, was excellent, extremely informative and emphasised the importance of developing skills, techniques and knowledge in identifying potentially unsafe situations in the interaction with dogs.
Highly recommended."

Aidan Cunningham, Galway County Council

"The good news is that the application is making the dogs that much more adoptable and the other volunteers are starting to come around to understanding the value of changing environment and the timing of rewards, so they too are having a positive impact. I will continue to work on improving my ROR's and anticipate further improvements in the near future.
Thank you so much for your time and insight last April. It has certainly changed how I approach behavioural problems and it was invaluable for me to apply practice to theory (and vice versa).

Mark Megannety, M&Ms Halfway House Animal Rescue & their Facebook page.

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