Community Canines Class

Be your dog's guide to navigating this crazy human world!


Community Canines Class is a fun, outdoor course for you & your dog. 

We can't just expect dogs, a different species, to slot in and inhibit their doggieness to keep humans happy. Helping our dogs navigate our human world is our job...we are their tour guides!

This is a skill-building course with each class happening out in the wild, where these skills are applied directly. 

The humans will be learning how to guide and support their dog while out and about, so that our dogs' behavioural-needs are met while never allowing them cause a nuisance to others. This is the course every dog wants their humans to do! 
Responsible dog-guardians will benefit from raised awareness about their dogs' comfort, and the comfort of others, all while having fun with their dog.  

Community Canines Class is full and will be available again from late Summer/early Autumn 2024.


Tolerance for dog behaviour is ever-dwindling, while the dog population has increased and irresponsible dog-owners allow their dogs to engage in behaviours that causes nuisance and safety concerns for people, pets, other dogs and wildlife. 

It's becoming more and more difficult to provide for our dogs' behavioural needs, particularly in public spaces. Dog guardians will benefit from education on managing their dogs' behaviour out and about, while also meeting their dogs' behavioural needs. By practicing a range of skills, our guardians and their companions can learn to live with their world, be safe, and have fun ttogether. 

There is a curriculum for each class. Your dog’s comfort is the most important achievement so how you progress through course content is individual.
The exercises are cumulative so are best practiced in sequence, but it’s not set in stone so you might decide to skip ahead or move on at your own pace.

You will have homework from each class for you to practice at home and out in the world. You are encouraged to practice as often as you can, to record your & your dog’s experiences, and discuss your progress.


Course Details

This is a skill building course for you and your dog. By taking an engagement approach, your dog learns to look to you for guidance, cued by their world around them. And most importantly, the human learn to support their dogs and participate in the fun with them. Really, this is a Team building course!


Community Canines Class is on Sunday mornings, starting at 8.30am.
You will need to arrive at least 15 minutes before start-time to allow your dog to warm up and acclimate to the area.

Because this class is outdoors, we might have to postpone class due to weather conditions or other unpredictable factors. I have proposed six dates and we can make up any missed classes as needed. 


This class is for dogs of all ages, as we will work within individual comfort levels only. However, because this class happens in a pretty busy public park, dogs who attend must be able and comfortable to work in such environments, with other class participants close by. We will give everyone as much space as possible to maintain everyone’s comfort and safety.

A good metric for joining this class is whether your dog is able to search for tossed food and then return to you (without you prompting them) for another food-toss, in different environments such as park land, woodland, close to human activity or traffic, and so on.

Similar to this video showing engagement games. Yours might not look quite so bonkers…we call Decker Crazy Boy for a reason…!


Dogs who might find these environments challenging might still benefit from this course content, but perhaps not in a class situation.

It will likely take a couple of classes for each dog to get into their groove and we will monitor their comfort closely. Your dog’s behaviour is information, and we will be listening closely to them, giving them breaks and bringing them away as needed.

You are responsible for your dog’s behaviour. Your dog must be safe and comfortable in public space, and in environments that are hard to control. Dogs whose behaviour may pose a risk to safety of others or would inhibit the learning and enjoyment of other participants should not be brought to this class.

While there is plenty of space at this location, there will be lots of people and animals whose behaviour and proximity we can’t control. That must be taken into account when considering individuals’ comfort in class.



Community Canine Class takes place in the Phoenix Park, Dublin
Be aware of the park Dog Owner’s Code of Conduct and never allow your dog to cause a nuisance. We will not disrupt the natural environment and will not allow our dogs to pursue wildlife, approach any other person or dog, and will always scoop the poop.

How much? 

Community Canines Class costs €200 for the course, which includes six classes.  


What do I need for Community Canines Class?


  • Comfortable and appropriately fitted figure-8/Y/H harness (different names for essentially the same thing). If you need other tool/s to better control your dog and keep them safe, that’s no problem, but while working, the Y harness will be engaged.
  • long line of no more than 5-10m
  • a range of food reinforcers; higher value rewards may be required given the high distraction areas in which class is held
  • toys of various types that your dog loves and that encourage different types of interactions
  • comfort items such as bedding, travel equipment, water & bowl, a coat if relevant, stuffed toys, towels and so on
  • first aid kit and we recommend that you take our Online Canine First Aid workshop too! 
  • you will need appropriate footwear, clothing and raingear for yourself too! 

What will we learn about in Community Canines Class?

Class will introduce lots of skill building for both ends of the lead, and you and your dog will practice at home and while out and about. We will be working with other Teams, in a safe group, and we will be learning how to maintain our dogs' comfort by adjusting their world to suit. You will develop observation skills and even more understanding of your dogs' responses, and how they view their world. 


You're the student; your skill & knowledge development will enhance your dog's experiences. You will have access to the course website with background information supporting the work you will do in class, and while practicing at home.

Course content includes:

  • engagement skills
  • play skills
  • settling skills
  • self-calming/recovery skills
  • relationship building skills
  • teaching your dog how to control what happens to them
  • "other dogs & goings-on exist...and they're none of my business...!"
All of this without frustration, without tight leads or "corrections" and always while maintaining each Teams' comfort through distance and engagement.

Because you will have access to course instruction any time, anywhere, you can work at your and your dog's pace. If you miss a class, you can keep up and continue with practice. This is a flexible and accessible course with your dog, and their preferences, at its heart. 



Please review the AniEd Terms of Service here.

To take part in Community Canines Class, you will be asked to agree to the following:

  • All dog training, including course activities, is participated in at your own risk.
  • AniEd, staff and trainers, cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any injuries or losses sustained during course activities.
  • You are responsible for your dog’s safety and behaviour at all times. It is recommended that you have adequate pet or household insurance cover for liability in the unlikely event of damage or injury, caused by or to your dog, to property or to a third party.
  • You know your dog best. Please do not put your dog in a position with which they will be uncomfortable, cause discomfort to anyone else, or in a situation where they may become injured.
    I will not be able to make those decisions for you because you are best suited to understanding your dog’s needs.
  • Scoop the poop. Please dispose of poop bags appropriately.
  • Please make sure that your activity, and that of your dog, does not disturb or unduly distress wildlife or disturb the natural environment.
  • This class and all the exercises within are dog-led, meaning that we will help dogs choose how they participate – it’s important that we ‘listen’ to our dogs!